Why Spore Won't Save PC Gaming

Spore sounds really cool and lets players build a civilization, starting with a lone, single-celled organism. But what it won't do: Revive the flagging PC gaming industry.

Silicon Alley Insider gives a simple, straightforward explanation on why PC games have now been relegated to MMORPGs and simulations. He predicts that the dominant form of games on the PC will be Web-based casual games in a few years.

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decapitator3722d ago

Man, recently a lot of bold blog writers have emerged. PC owner despise hearing the terms ' PC GAMING IS DEAD" but yet, a lot of these articles aim directly pissing of PC gamers.

Tempist3722d ago

Yeah they really are griping too much about PCs. It's not dead, it's just transitioning really. And really, where it to die, it would be a result of devs putting too much emphasis on graphics over gameplay / content.

High requirement games would kill PC gaming faster than a console.

JsonHenry3721d ago

Lol, I have heard this same song and dance since around the launch of the first Playstation. It has yet to come true. It WON'T come true.

Somewhere in the distance companies like Blizzard are laughing their fat asses with their fat wallets off right now.

As long as RTS, MMOs, and FPS are made the PC will be the ideal platform. END OF STORY.

Grado SR-603721d ago

lawl at this story

just upgraded to a q6600, 4gb pc6400, new mobo, case + psu even though i realize that i will just be playing 360 games on my pc till someone takes a stab at making another crysis (cant wait for bioshock 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, playing gears of war with 360 controller right now). Thing is pc harware will always be upgrading even at the base models so how is pc gaming going to die? There's always of viable market for people who want to spend a little more time, and to be honest not alot more money than a console considering your getting a pc that will haul ass.

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Charmers3722d ago

That "news story" is just awful. Tha author does nothing to back up his statements it was just a "ha ha consoles are more powerful and spore won't save the PC cos consoles are more powerful". The PC has been declared dead/dying since the PS1. I have no doubt when the 720/PS4 comes out it will yet again be declared dead/dying. As a PC gamer I just tune out this rubbish.

iamtehpwn3721d ago

if you look at game sells, Pc gaming is Dying.
of course, PC gaming will never completely die, because PC's are easy to access, However, it'll be a smaller Community.

YoMeViet3721d ago

Gonna disagree with you there, NPD reports only about 20% of PC game sales and there are download sites that ppl can get dl them.

bootsielon3721d ago

FPS used to be more for PC users, but now both PS3 and 360 have excellent FPS games, and the community features just aren't there.

Sim City 3, Star Craft 2, high end FPS games, and MMOs will keep PC gaming afloat, but not as healthy as console or portable gaming.

xplosneer3721d ago

That had nothing. NOTHING.

Odion3721d ago

his only fact he got wrong, WoW passed 10 million uses months ago

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The story is too old to be commented.