Playstation Home - Redirection of Misconceptions

Sarcastic gamer writes:

"What Home isn't:

* Home isn't Second Life- People comparing Playstation Home to Second Life are clearly ignorant of the goals of each product. Second Life enables virtually anybody to go in and create virtually anything, and has strong ties to big money sales of virtual real estate. Second Life also has an established history of griefers and sexual content. PS Home is a closed system where not just anybody can create an area and populate it with brothels and engage in cyber sex. Sales in Home have been described as focusing on "premium content" which will range from enhanced apartments (as close of a tie to Second Life's virtual realty market as you get) to game-themed objects, designer objects, and actual traditional DLC.
* Home isn't The Sims - While the avatars in PS Home allow a decent degree of customization and there are interactive environments, everyone in PS Home is "real". There's a real person controlling them and there is no "simulation" going on other than viewing a simulated environment. You're not "directing" your characters to trend to one behavior or another, you are your character. PS Home is not a game at all, you cannot die… there is no game over, etc."

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pwnsause3562d ago

they forgot one thing: Home could replace the PS XMB in the future if there is a demand for it, it could be implemented this way in the Next playstation.

Violater3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Yes but that would make it mandatory to use which not everyone would want.

Edit also one of the best articles out of SG.

marinelife93562d ago

Tremendous article. Recommended reading.

Captain Tuttle3562d ago

I hate when people call it a game.

BIGELLOW3562d ago

People call bouncing a quarter into a shot glass a "game." Why does "game" have to be so rigidly defined? You can enter home and play checkers, chess, bowling, etc... all within the Home environment. So why not call it a game?

If you only think Home is a "game" when you are actually interacting with one of these "mini-games" then you might as well say Gears of War isn't a game until you get passed the initial menu screens. Until you have actually entered a match, it's just a bunch of menus and options. Most people who are used to computers and consoles just accept that the thing you are executing can be called a "game" even if there's a bit of steps still remaining before you are officially "playing." Home is specifically designed to get people to play games, not just run around aimlessly (though many will probably do that anyway.)

Heck, some people even consider LIFE to be a game. Why not a virtual life?

Captain Tuttle3562d ago

It's an interface. A unique and creative one but still an interface.

zPlayer3562d ago

you know i think thats a perfect description of it. cause it isn't really a game. you play games in it though the experience isn't a game. in a game there's a goal or objective and with home its more of a free space to do whatever. its not life but like it.

to better explain. when i start a game of chess my objective is to win and beat the other guy there is only one thing to do. when i start home i'll have many things to do with no single objective. and just for kicks i'll add LBP. when i start that there will be one objective and that is to play create and/or share :) thats what make that a game and home not.

Genesis53562d ago

Doesn't that sound really,really cool.At first I was indifferent to this whole home thing. But the more I hear about it,I think man this sounds pretty freakin' neat.Now I'm looking forward to checking it out.

eagle213562d ago

Home will change online gaming once people have the controller in their hands. Addictive and fun...

DFresh3562d ago

It's the closest thing to reality in a simulation type of way and the Sims wasn't keep close to what Home is and what it can do as a product.

eagle213562d ago

An Uncharted (plus many more first and third party) "portal" with a 2-d minigame?......don't make me beg for it

Home will be will grow and grow and grow and

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