GTA IV DLC: 'We want to fry Xbox Live'

Rockstar isn't saying much about GTA IV's exclusive Xbox 360 DLC (rumoured to have cost MS upwards of $50m), but the first hints on what we might be able to expect from the downloadable 'episodes' have finally emerged, in the latest issue of Edge magazine.

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sonarus3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

well i have been critical of the GTA DLC content for a while. Rockstar is an extremely proud studio who cherish the GTA series very dearly so whatever DLC content they plan to introduce, i am sure it will be worth while.
However i am sticking with the ps3 version for following reasons
1. Friends i play with online are mostly on ps3.
2. I refuse to be stuck waiting on DLC if they came out and announced what it was i would reconsider.
3. Controller preference (NOTE: Its a preference so if you don't feel the same thats your bloody business)
4. I have a larger collection for my ps3 games.

Anyone feel like convincing me otherwise go ahead but do it without the use achievements because i care very little for these custom soundtracks i do care about though so i remain optimistic this will be included by the time the game is released. If not i might once again have to reconsider

Glad to be a gamer3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Yeah im gonna get the ps3 version to i mean why would i given the choice want the option to lengthen/add more depth to a potentially great game though expansions.

Ironic how the console that uses dvds will have more content for gta then the console that uses blue ray.

Black_Jack3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

and also ironic that the dlc will come out exclusively on the platform where hd drives are not always there!? hehe works both ways

Mr Playboy3562d ago

I'm happy with my investment AKA 360

chaosatom3333562d ago

"for the downloadable content in general, it's about seeing how people get turned on by the game, and then we will tailor the production."

So there is no way in hell that it will be as massive as vice city or san andreas.
what's the "rumoured to have cost MS upwards of $50m", so nobody knows yet?

wow4u3562d ago

Well, we knew that that bit of clever language would be sure to bring out the anti-MSFT trolls eh?

He means he wants all 10 Million Xbox LIVE users to get into the DLC from the start. To "set them on fire" is a euphamism, like "fry Xbox LIVE".

I love GTA, and I'll be online for those DLCs on Day One.

dragonJP3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

...I really respect your opinion on getting GTAIV for the PS3, and as an owner of both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, I have to admit that I am a bit torn on which system I should get GTAIV on.

However, I am leaning towards the 360, for mainly the same reasons you are going with the PS3 version.

1. FRIENDS ON XBOX LIVE. The majority of my friends are on Xbox Live, and I'm looking forward to possible co-op missions...

2. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT. This is a big one. I cannot wait to see what MS paid "upwards of $50 million" to Rockstar. It has to be huge, and the idea of possibly playing an entire expansion pack ONLY ON XBOX 360 makes a huge difference for me. I think that whatever the DLC is, MS will make a marketing push for it when the game releases...

3. THE BLOODY CONTROLLER. Just sayin'. That 360 controller is damn near PERFECT, FOR ME. Let me repeat that last part, "FOR ME." I have no problems with any cats who prefer the Sixaxis. I'm awaiting the DualShock3 myself...

4. GAMES COLLECTION. Since I am a classic "Cheap Ass Gamer," my PS3 games collection is pitiful compared to my 360 games' collection. Down here in Miami Florida it seems like PS3 games are never on sale (hey, I'm on a budget-- see CAG reference above), while 360 games are always on sale...

Possible custom soundtracks are also a big deal for me. One of the best things about the 360 is the ability to play whatever music you want during games, and that would be huge for such a massive sandbox game as GTA. I still play PGR3 just listen to my favorite tracks while racing... hopefully the next big update for PS3 (this summer?) will add this great feature...

P.S.: Almost forgot. I know you care little for achievements, but there are millions of 360 fans salivating at the idea of what the GTAIV achievements are going to be....

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Exhaust3562d ago

and whats happened in prior massive volume spikes like Halo 3 I bet XBL will "fry" when this DLC comes out.

I'm gonna try to beat the rush when it comes out if I can...

wow4u3562d ago

Nothing happened to at the launch of Halo 3.

There were some minor, temporary troubles at Xmass, but that was because they had MANY hundreds of thousands of people pound the sign-up subsystem.

I saw zero problem, and I was able to sign-up my nephew's new Gold account without issue during the period of trouble.

dragonJP3561d ago get in on that 500 MS Points deal I here you guys across the pond are getting for pre-ordering GTAIV. MS should partner up with Circuit City or Gamestop over here... bet that would spur pre-orders....

Lord Vader3562d ago

Man, I wish someone would spill the beans on the MP = Does anyone have any information on MP yet ?

Syko3562d ago

OH GOD!! Get the free XBLA game ready MS before the fanboys riot. lol

Silellak3562d ago

Dear Rockstar:

Please don't. We just barely recovered from January.

Hugs and kisses,

Annoyed 360 owner.