Gamer 2.0: MLB 08: The Show Review

When it all comes down to it, MLB 08: The Show is just an amazing game of baseball in an era where a lack of competition tends to hurt the games that sports developers put out. Making up for last year's late-to-the-party lackluster PS3 version, it's now apparent that anybody with a PS3, PS2, or PSP has no reason at all to buy anything but Sony's game this year.

With a dearth of features and tweaks that make this experience the best out there, gamers will have plenty to do before and after the first pitch of the season.

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destroyah3537d ago

Dang. Greatest baseball game of all time it seems. It slaughtered 2K8.

CrashSpyro1233537d ago

Maybe not the best ever, but it's definitely up there.

kapedkrusader3537d ago

It is so good that even the single player, "Road to the Show", is addictive.