Wii U Sales Improving In Europe Thanks To Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate

No matter how good or innovative a game system may be, if there are no good games available, there’s no way it can sell nicely. The Wii U sales situation has been pretty bad almost everywhere but things are starting to change rapidly, at least in Europe: yesterday it’s been reported that the console sales have increased by 125% last week in the United Kingdom. Today a new report came in from Nintendo France, stating that sales have improved in France as well.

Nintendo France’s Philippe Lavoue confirmed in a recent interview that the system’s sales tripled the week of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate release: Lavoue notes how games like MH3 will help accelerate the Wii U’s sales. Things will definitely be even better once some original games will get released in the future: let’s not forget that MH3: Ultimate is an updated version of a game released a couple of years back.

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C-Thunder1817d ago

All it needs is awesome games and Monster Hunter is just that, an awesome game.

AsimLeonheart1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Every Nintendo fan is cheering for Wii U sales but people forget that "percentages" and "times" are all relative concepts. They mean nothing without the base figures. Nintendo fans are like OMG! ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!! TRIPLED SALES!! However, that means NOTHING because the console has been selling so poorly. An increase from 1000 units to 2500 units is a 150% increase right there but it is still abysmal when quoted for a whole country. Similarly, an increase from 500 to 1500 is TRIPLE sales but they are STILL bad. Wii U sold barely 15000 units for the week ending on March 23 in the WHOLE Europe before the increase in sales so you can imagine what kind of numbers it sold in the tiny UK and how meaningless the 125% increase actually is. Moreover, the huge price cuts have played a major role as well. Keep in mind that retailers were still disappointed with the sales because the increase was not big enough. Finally, the increases are being quoted on a just a single WEEKLY basis which makes them even more meaningless in the bigger picture of months, quarters and years.

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AsimLeonheart1817d ago

Looks like you are mentally unable to make a mature argument so you resort to personal insults. Oh well, what do I care. You guys can fool yourselves all you want. Keep chanting that mantra "everything is fine, Wii U is doing great."

C-Thunder1817d ago

I'm sorry, man, I didn't realize my comment about the WiiU's need for games made me seem so uneducated that I must not understand math.

I agree that it does need to start selling better and I think it will as long as they continue to release good games.

jcnba281817d ago

Typical drone response LOL

Sounds to me like you're just scared of the competition.

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knifefight1817d ago

It's almost like people buy systems when there are good games for them.

GribbleGrunger1817d ago

Yeah. I'm going to stick my neck out here and put my reputation on the line (for what it's worth). I predict that in the future both the Vita and the Wiiu will see an INCREASE in hardware when a major title is released! You may find that a daring prediction ... but I'm willing to go even further! I predict that the following week, after that major title has released, both the Vita and the Wiiu will go DOWN in sales. Remember you read that here first.

ScubbaSteve1817d ago

I've been semi interested in Monster Hunter but it is one of those games that needs to figure out a better way to title their games. I had played a monster hunter game on the PSP and I think it was called "Monster Hunter Freedom", or "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite". But there was a different one called "Monster hunter Freedom 2" So I thought this one just came out so it must be the third. Then years later I find a "Monster hunter Tri" coming out on the wii and I was wondering if that was just a better quality of the psp game that I played because it was the 3rd one after all.

I gradually came to the understanding the one I played must have been the 2nd because they released a "Monster Hunter 3rd" followed by "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate".

Long story short... I bought my cat one of those rice hats instead.

Dj7FairyTail1817d ago

lol where are the haters now
oh right positive Nintendo News.

Nintendo Hater Activate *Ignore*

AsimLeonheart1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I think you should wait for some ACTUAL figures before celebrating based on "percentage" and "times" increase for just a a single week. The console has been selling so badly that an increase of only a few units will mean a big percentage increase. Suppose if the console sold 2000 units originally then 125% increase means sales of 3250 for the next week which are still bad. Therefore, don't celebrate prematurely or you may make a fool of yourself in front of the "haters" when the monthly sales figures arrive.

ZeekQuattro1817d ago

You spoke to soon. Asim rose to the challenge quite quickly. lol

1817d ago
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