Has Nintendo Already Become An Afterthought In the Next Generation Battle

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece that asks if Nintendo is already an afterthought in the battle for the next generation. He cites a lack of buzz and sales for the new Nintendo system and states that the 2013 holiday season may bea make or break time for the Wii U with the launch of new systems coming from Sony and Microsoft.


Nintendo were at Wondercon and we have a couple images up with some other Wondercon images here.

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GuruStarr781853d ago

As a Wii U owner, I've pondered the same question, but in the end, it all really comes down to Nintendo delivering "the Goods"..

Games like Metroid, Zelda, a new mario galaxy, mario kart, etc.. etc, will eventually validate my purchase... I'm not worried about the Wii U not getting a next-gen call of duty port... personally, If I get those types of games, I'll get them on the PS4 or the next xbox... where there's trophy/achiement support and a larger online community..

NastyLeftHook01853d ago

I agree, Im all for next gen too with these amazing things that are happening with ps4 ect, but i also love the nintendo franchises. zelda, metroid, starfox, mario, ect are reasons i will get a wii u. nostalgia.

chrisarsenalsavart1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

just bought mine this week end for £200 deluxe pack brand new and although i will be buying the ps4, i am still pretty pleased with my purchase. and wiiu doesn,t need to sell like wii to be a success. when i hear people comparing the wiiu with the cube, i feel pretty good about it because if i can get as much great experiences with the wiiu as i had with the cube then i will be a happy man.
nintendo will never be an afterthought in my heart.
wait for the new zelda, and metroid, and you ,ll see what i am talkng about

ATi_Elite1852d ago

Yeh but when is Nintendo gonna start pumping out the High quality first party games?

this Christmas is gonna be over loaded with PS4/x720 stuff that the WiiU is just gonna get drowned.

I don't think Mario is gonna save Nintendo this time around as they have wasted too much time!

Munnkyman1852d ago

I think with the ps4 and xbox is going to be about price. If they are around 399 they well sell alot, but if the price is more then than that it will be harder for them to move consoles. W/e nintendo comes out with by the end of the year will move wii u's no matter whats coming out

Ck1x1852d ago

I guarantee that the new WiiU 3d Mario will outsell any PS4/720 game by a very large margin come this Christmas hands down...

Picture_Dancer1852d ago

Don't you think it is sad that Nintendo only offers the same games over and over again: Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc. I think it is worse scheme than new call of duty games, or the same Fifa games wvery year. Nintendo is sellind the same games since their first console.

Nintendo offers worst sequelstation in the history and the least innovative and new IPs.

Such commercial company aimed only for money.

chrisarsenalsavart1852d ago

the only reason you feel that way is because third party publishrs did not support nintendo the way they done with the other two.
and please every company is about making money.

KentBlake1852d ago

I don't see how anyone could disagree with you. It is a fact that Nintendo uses the same franchises since the beginning. I'm not a Nintendo hater at all, and I hope e WiiU does well, but they really need to step up their game if they want to compete with Sony and MS. The Nintendo fans are getting older and I don't see them creating a new fanbase.

They need a lot of new exclusive IPs to stay alive during next-gen, especially because third party support is gonna disappear once PS4 and NextBox arrive.

Ck1x1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I have stated this before and I'll state it again! Its not that Nintendo needs new IP's so much, as it would be better for them to revisit some of their many existing ones that they have created in the past and update those. With all the credit you guys give to Sony for all the new IP's they bring out every Gen(lol). Nintendo's total list of owned franchises that they haven't even touched in years trounces Sony's list of games in number easily. You guys can't use the excuse that well isn't it obvious since Nintendo has been out much longer, because according to you N4G trolls Nintendo has never done anything outside of the Mario, Metroid and Zelda games...

BosSSyndrome1851d ago

Same IP's, different games. That simple.

miyamoto1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Nintendo and Mario is like the McDonald's and Happy Meal of gaming franchises.

Whether you like it or not this is how franchise business go.

They have to keep the same formula through the years or it will be a different product altogether.

Its up to you if you will still eat it.

deafdani1851d ago

Mario 64 isn't the same as Mario Sunshine isn't the same as Mario Galaxy.

Zelda Ocarina isn't the same as Majora's Mask isn't the same as Wind Waker isn't the same as Twilight Princess (well, Twilight is similar in some things to Ocarina, I'll give you that)... isn't the same as Skyward Sword.

Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3 are similar, of course. But they weren't released in a yearly basis. Also, Metroid Other M is VERY different to the Prime games, and it's been hated a lot, despite it actually being a pretty good game. Flawed in some areas, yes, but still pretty damn good.

But whatever, haters like you will only hate Nintendo just for the sake of it.

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AsimLeonheart1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yes, you can get games like COD on PS4 or XBOX720 and keep Wii U only for exclusives but not everybody thinks like that. Most people can only afford a single console so they choose the one with the most games that suit their tastes. People will still buy Wii U but without major third party games, Wii U will lack mass appeal as THE console to own. As a result, only hardcore Nintendo fans interested in their first party titles will buy it as a secondary console. Third party support is essential for sales and competing with other consoles (the original Wii is an exception here which had the advantage of motion controls).

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jcnba281853d ago

Nintendo have nothing to worry about. Get N or get OUT! :)

LOL_WUT1852d ago

You sound way too confident anything can happen... ;)

Garethvk1853d ago

Thank you. I can honestly say I have been unimpressed so far. Not only that, but Nintendo has offered very poor supoort to media. Once it was launched, they have been very stingy on news and review materials to many in the press. We were lucky as we have been given good access to the system and games, but honestly I think I have turned the console on more in the past 2 months to show my wife movie trailers on the big screen downstairs more than I have to play a game. I played ZombieU for a few minutes again last week to show the console to a guest. They were not impressed with how a person has to stand constantly to play that game nor with the control system. Mario looked a bit better to him but he noted how it did not look that much better than the last one he played.

I really hope that what is coming is good, and that by the time we get to E3 we will have tons of great looking games to write about and cover.

NastyLeftHook01853d ago

yes, i believe its all in the developers hands to maximize its potential. the franchises are there, but they need to really start setting the bar higher for itself for the wii u.

GuruStarr781852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yeah... as much as I REALLY want to play something on my WII U, there's nothing... I'm burnt out on 2d mario and ZombiU just wasn't that great.. I'm thinking about getting the new lego undercover game, but it seems almost too juvenile for my taste... Until we get something, it'll just serve as a cool "netflix player"..

oh and btw; monster hunter 3 ultimate, I rented.... and really disliked it..

C-Thunder1852d ago

Why did you buy it? The four games you listed are the only major games that were expected to release to this point, except for Rayman. Shouldn't you have expected to feel this way?

wantonGamer1852d ago

You have to stand to play Zombi U ? Why ?

BosSSyndrome1851d ago

Dunno wth he's talking about, I never stood once through the whole game.

Garethvk1853d ago

We were there at E3 in the Nokia theater when they announced it in 2011 and I thought it had promise. When we saw it in 2012 I was not that impressed as what I saw were games that were only slightly better graphic wise from the Wii in terms of Nintendo exclusives and third party games that did not look that much better than what we get on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

During Comic Con they had a special area for press to play the systems that was not open to the public and this allowed us to reallly get an idea for it. I asked my wife if she thinks it is worth getting, and she said yes, for the reason that it looks like a fun system for social gaming and entertaining at parties like the way Wii Sports was played. She liked the new Mario Bros alot but I see that she is more interested in SimCity and Dance Central 3 than she is in anything for the Wii U. I am doing reviews so my story is a bit different, but Bioshock Infinite, and Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm have far more draw for me currently than anything they have out. I want to see something more than a casual or childs game with better graphics. They have the hardware, lets see a solid game with good online play that we will want to get. They do not have a signature game for the unit as of yet. Nintendo fans will play Mario, Smash Bros and such, but they need a big time hook.

Chrono1852d ago

I think Nintendo fans mostly care about Nintendo's own IPs only.

colonel1791852d ago

It's actually true. I want a Wii U ONLY for Nintendo games. Every friend who wants one, also wants the same. I don't know anyone who wants to play Fifa, Mass Effect 3, etc on a Nintendo console.

I am waiting to see the new Zelda and new Mario, which they already said they are coming, and which other franchises get announced to decide if I buy one.

lilbroRx1852d ago

You have some strange friends. Me and most of my friends by Nintendo creative games and for the exsclusives like Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 and Monoliths Xeno title.

I've owned every Nintendo console exept the SNES and I had a huge library on each, but 1st party Nintendo games were rarely a part of it aside from Metroid.

Ck1x1852d ago

While this is a true statement it should also be the reason that people want a PS4 or bought a PS3! I can't tell you hypocritical it is for people to run to these community sites and tout Sony exclusives when most of you would rather play some halfed baked game, instead of some exclusive game Sony spent millions and millions of dollars to create... Just go look at the top 10 games on the sales chart for both the Wii and the PS3. I guarantee that 8 out of the top selling games on the Wii are all Nintendo games and 7-8 out of the 10 on PS3 are probably 3rd party. While many may argue well Nintendo doesn't have very strong 3rd party support and this would be true dating back to the N64. The number one selling game on Sonys console should still be a Sony created IP though. The fact of the matter is that in the end Nintendo has more brand loyalty than Sony does. Sony could sell 70million of the PS4 this Gen to Nintendo's 30million for the WiiU and I guarantee overall Nintendo's games would sell higher and be more profitable for Nintendo then Sony's hands down.

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