PlayStation Launches ‘Way of Play’ Campaign

Just in time for the busy Easter weekend Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has brought the popular ‘Way of Play’ campaign to the UK. Along with a series of new trailers, set to be revealed over the bank holiday weekend, SCEE has launched the campaign with a new Facebook app and competition.

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sherimae24131760d ago

hoping for more vita goodness ^_^

CEOSteveBallmer1760d ago

I hope so too and Sony said there will be 100 games for vita this 2013 just wait for E3. I think its a mix of indie games plus 3rd and 1st party. I have a PS3 but I also want more games for my Vita Hehe.

sherimae24131760d ago

yes, i think there will be a hundred games..
if you count all the games that released so far starting on january besides sony said "100 games for the year 2013" right?

your right it will be a mix of first party and third party with lots of indie game releases in months^_^

thechosenone1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

same here since I'm picking up a Vita today. xD

Conzul1760d ago

Had one; sold it; waiting for next version of Vita before buying in again.

Got loads of use out of it though. Just wish it had more games.

thechosenone1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Don't think they're going to update it anytime soon but I saw it at my local shop for about $200 and I couldn't pass it up. And all those indie games that were just announced recently made it an even easier purchase for me. lol

Proof! It's so sexy. :3

Nilemonitors131760d ago

You will really enjoy it homie, I play black ops on it, its really not that bad, Persona 4 is sick, disgaea, lbpv, and both ninja gaiden, specially metal gear solid 3 on the go is awesome.

jrbeerman111759d ago

get ps+ if you dont already have it, give you good starter collection to play

thechosenone1759d ago


Thanks for the info, I bought PS+ an hour after I got my Vita. lol Damn this thing is so smexy.

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AO1JMM1760d ago

Same here. My Vita needs more attention.

Nilemonitors131760d ago

The vita will evolve into a great console in a few months, there is something for every kind of gamer in it already, and it will get better. Support the machine, tell your friends about it, buy one for your girlfriend or boyfriend and try games for it, nobody wants a future without buttons on portables. Lastly, I hope sony does a limited edition bundle with a Ps4, so there are more vita sales which would increase developers interest in the beautiful system. Ps mutha%#?kin 4

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NastyLeftHook01760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

i would love see like jackie chan or chuck norris advertising the ps4. saying ..." the way of play" and then kicking a bunch of bad guys butts when showing good ps4 games.

edit: darn phone

Drakesfortune1759d ago

like the idea....just not chuck norris

abzdine1760d ago

i love PLAYstation it's all about games!

clintagious6501760d ago

Sony isnt playing. Advertising like a mofo. Good job.

Blackdeath_6631760d ago

yeah, with the head start advantage and all the spotlight on them they can advertise twice as effectively using half the effort. if this ad campaign didn't work they'll move on to the next one

r211760d ago

I would so join but it seems its only for Europe folks. Oh well, looking forward to what they creative folks will think of :D

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