Did DivX close Stage6 to duck copyright litigation?

DivX, parent company of defunct video-sharing site Stage6, on Tuesday disclosed how it came to the decision to shutter the service rather than to sell.

"Potential copyright litigation" was one of management's top considerations leading up to the shuttering of Stage6, Dan Halvorson, DivX's chief financial officer, said during a conference call to announce the public company's fourth-quarter earnings. There was reason for concern. Turns out DivX, a maker of Internet-video technologies, had lost a bid to avoid fighting costly copyright suits just a few weeks before Stage6 was closed, records show.

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Shadow Man3563d ago

That place was awesome you could download movies that where in theaters.
I regret never downloading all the anime I wanted...but all good things must come to an end. Now Veoh is my second option :P

Farsendor13563d ago

i love veoh the bad thing its probably going to end up just like stage6 or could become the exact clone youtube

Junior45653563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I loved this site should've downloaded more than I did

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