GDC 2013: Media Molecule on Tearaway’s troublesome gestation, and the role of the producer

EDGE - Media Molecule producer Siobhan Reddy has revealed that Tearaway struggled through several iterations and was initially conceived as taking place in a fully procedural, GPS-supported gameworld.

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sherimae24131878d ago

well go ahead MM, take your time and make this game what you have expected to be and ill be waiting, till the day it finally reaches my vita ^_^

r211878d ago

Man, bubs up for your positive vita attitude :D Viva la vita!

stuntman_mike1878d ago

Living la vita loca...i'll get my coat. :(

dafegamer1878d ago

This game will be the Vita Goty :) Mark my words guys

mayberry1878d ago

Most anticipated game for me. I absolutely loved the LBP games. MM will surely. Not disappoint if given enough time.

dafegamer1878d ago

MM is one of the best Devs this generation. This game will be AAA quality no doubt