First MotorStorm 2 Details: 16MP Online, 4P Splitscreen, 16 Multi Track Routes And More

A little earlier than expected, it's time to cease the speculative chatter and grit teeth ready for some 100% official MotorStorm 2 infofactment. First things first though: you might want to cast your eyes below and check out the very first teaser trailer for Evolution Studio's forthcoming racing follow-up.

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decapitator3749d ago

Agreed. Wonder what happens to the girl at the end of the video ? Looks so awesome. and 4P splitescreen sounds awesome. Want.This.Game.Badly.

pwnsause3749d ago

what do you mean what happened to her, she got pwnt.

Iamback3749d ago

Good morning decapitator, how are you sir?
Thats how MS1 trailer ended, i guess they want to make it a trademark ending of MS trailers or something.

decapitator3749d ago

Thanks for the feedback Lamback. Appreciated. I see, I never really payed that much attention to the first trailer but I played the living hell out of that game. I know I will be all over this one as well.

MURKERR3749d ago

come on people that deserves some sort of swearing in joy

FCUK yeh

The Wood3749d ago

she didn't learn from the first time.

mikeslemonade3749d ago

The girl gets decapitated.

decapitator3749d ago

[email protected]

Hmm, interesting. Did the first game have girls in it ? Man, I'd like to see that helmet come of her head.

sonarus3749d ago

guess she isn't warrior enough for motorstorm. I am still looking forward to seeing actual gameplay, but even that trailer is enough to get most of us excited. The addition of destructible environments/hazards should be nice so when you are first you can lay traps behind for ppl to crash into. But then you might fall victim on the 2nd lap lol

decapitator3749d ago

MotorStorm™ returns this autumn on PLAYSTATION®3: Prepare for the next instalment of the world’s most brutal off-road racing festival

o A brand new location: experience the grandeur, diversity and unpredictability of a remote Pacific island
o 16 new diverse multi-route tracks hosting MotorStorm’s unique mixture of vehicles
o The aggressive monster truck now joins your garage
o Split-Screen Multiplayer racing – compete with up to four buddies on the same screen

It’s the best selling PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) title to date and now, it’s time to take to the starting grid again as the MotorStorm™ festival heads to the tropics.

The first MotorStorm wowed critics and gamers alike with its heady formula of brutal, unpredictable off-road racing, festival vibes and stunning Monument Valley desert scenery. This new outing takes you to a solitary tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean, ready for a whole new take on no-holds-barred racing action through thick swamps, dense jungle, towering peaks and steaming volcanoes.

Not just pretty backdrops to the action, these environments take centre stage in challenging players with everything in Mother Nature’s arsenal. Thick mud, tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, choking volcanic clouds and searing lava pools all test the drivers to their limits and beyond.

Using the power of PLAYSTATION®Network, 16 players can race head-to-head online and, for the first time in the series, racers can hit the gas in four-player split-screen mode.

All of the vehicle classes from the first MotorStorm are here again: ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers and Big Rigs – as well as the newly arrived monster trucks that climb, sprint and roll over any other vehicle in their way.
Delivered to you on Blu-ray Disc, expect a rich festival of off road racing, along with a host of game modes and rewards. It’s brutal, dangerous, relentless, and unpredictable and more than a game - MotorStorm is way of life so stay tuned, the festival is back this autumn and promises to be larger than ever before.

DevilsJoker3749d ago

Motorstorm really hates bikers eh? As soon as i saw her off her bike i was waiting for something to annihilate her, Thankfully Evolution Complied!

incogneato3749d ago

OMG FUNK YES! This game will be incredible.

EZCheez3749d ago

You sure you played the hell out of the game?

Decapitator-"Appreciated . I see, I never really payed that much attention to the first trailer but I played the living hell out of that game. I know I will be all over this one as well."

Decapitator-"Hmm, interesting. Did the first game have girls in it ?"

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I could have swore the default rider on the bike was a woman.

decapitator3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I played the living hell out of it. But you gotta admit though, the woman in this one seems to show more "meat" than the first game.

Meant,"Hmm, interesting. Did the first game even have girls in it ?


EDIT: Was been sarcastic and in a rush ...:)

Premonition3749d ago

The girl in the trailer got owned like her boyfriend in the last trailer MUHAHAH! :) game looks great.

Pain3749d ago

"Wonder what happens to the girl at the end of the video"

Same thing that happened to the Dude at the end of First MotorStorm trailer .....Smusshed~

MotorStorm Rocks.

Best Non Gran-Turismo Racer period.

Storm233749d ago

I loved the first game and can't wait for this one!

Besides the obvious complaints from the first one, I had a problem with the sense of speed while driving in 3rd person. To truly feel the speed of the game you had to go into first person, but I hope the overall speed is put up a little so 3rd person is just as exciting.

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decapitator3749d ago

Day 0 for me son. ( PRE-ORDER)

eagle213749d ago

One would think Evolution studios would rest on their laurels...NOPE...they revolutionized the best off road racing game..and that deserves a pre-order....ASAP!!!!

Iamback3749d ago

Sony going for the over kill?

Massacre3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Damn, that looks great. If the final is like this, this would be awesome in so many ways. DO WANT. PEACE.

AlterEgo3749d ago

in the first Motorstorm, if you put the view in close view (almost like first person), it matches the target render MUCH more closely than wide view

kevin11223749d ago

I said the same thing when motorstorm released, this one will probably match or be close to this trailer.