Diablo 3: Top 5 Easter Eggs

Everyone loves Easter eggs! Especially at Easter.

Maybe these aren’t the kind filled with chocolately goodness, but they’re still pretty enjoyable!

With the recent announcement of Diablo III on home consoles, we thought it would be a nice time to revisit the game and check out some of its hidden extras.

Please note: there are video accompaniments to each of these Easter Eggs and they may contain some in-game spoilers. If you haven’t completed Diablo III, or you want to avoid potential story spoilers, the descriptions will give you a brief overview of the requirements and nothing more.

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NastyLeftHook01813d ago

"potential" spoilers? there are tons of spoilers! anyyways i already beat it with my custom diablo 3 mouse. 60 bucks at walmart.

ThanatosDMC1813d ago

Lame. "Error 37" not on the list.

Mikeyy1813d ago

I have tried soo many times for development hell and it never shows up, i gave up on it.