Sony Will Start to Sell PlayStation 4 Globally This Year – GameStop Executive

While Sony Corp. wants to be very open about the PlayStation 4 video game console to attract maximum attention and get positive image for the brand, the company remains tight-lipped over a number of aspects. One of such aspects is whether the firm actually will introduce the PS4 globally. According to a GameStop exec, the PS4 will be launched worldwide in 2013. However, the company will unlikely meet the initial demand.

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iGAM3R-VIII1851d ago

If this is true, PS4 will be a Day 1 for me I will not miss out because it got sold out. This also clearifies that the PS4 could be release worldwide in 2013

Xaphy1851d ago

Im buying my ps4 with a 55 inch 3d HD TV. Yeah Im saving from now. I want to have the full experience B).

iGAM3R-VIII1851d ago

Same, I'm not going to buy any game until the release of the PS4. I'm probably going to try and buy every release game :P

stuna11851d ago

You are in for a treat with the 3d! And the way that specs are shaping up for the PS4 it'll all be in glorious 1080p resolution.

I think really think that the PS4 will be the must have system to have this coming generation! Already saving up for mine.

d0nT wOrrY1850d ago

I'm doing the same! Already got a decent amount of cash to treat myself with PS4 and a new TV.
What an amazing year ahead of us!

Donnieboi1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Bravia? That's what I got (except it's not 3d).

Oh and some of them are Energy Star compliant. Get that version of the Bravia, since that bastard will require a good amount of power to use it all day during gaming sessions.

sprinterboy1850d ago

Would love a 3DTv with me Ps4 purchase, but cant help but wait for 4K to available around the £1200 mark in 2 years time, dicisions dicisions lol.

vet_medic1850d ago

"*GameStop’s fiscal year ends in early February, hence in case the executive mentioned fiscal year 2013 (the most likely scenario), the chances that Sony launches the PS4 globally in calendar 2013 are high since a) no new major products are launched commercially in January, b) the company already expressed expectations to boost its sales thanks to the PS4 launching in Q4 FY2013, which suggests actual availability during a high spending season."

Muerte24941850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I have the SONY Bravia 55HX929 (3D of course). I simply cannot wait to plug my ps4 up to it. Black on this thing are really inky. But I might invest in a VT50 plasma by Panasonic later down the line.

NBT911850d ago

Okay why is everyone getting 3DTV for PS4? I had one for almost two years and never use the 3D for PS3 gaming. It always looks worse in 3D or doesn't support it at all.

I always give 3D a go when I get a game that happens to support it but I could count the ones I thought looked truly good in 3D on one hand... Not very impressive considering I have had it for two years.

I will say it is good for films (even then, not all the time) but unless Sony have promised to step up their game with 3D, which I haven't heard, then I see no reason to buy one. It is such a gimmick, and I can say that even though I bought one unlike most who say it because they don't have one.

FlyingFoxy1850d ago

Already have a 65" Panasonic one ready and waiting for gaming goodness. Only used it for TV and films so far.

Kennytaur1850d ago

Same here, and add in a surround system while we're bragging....

WooHooAlex1850d ago

Just bought a 55 inch LG led TV a few weeks ago, for the sole purpose of having a nice TV for the PS4. Its amazing, and quite the upgrade over my old 32".

Now I just need a nice sound system and of course the PS4.

kingmushroom1850d ago

3D is a garbage gimmick that distract your attention from the main focus of the game or movie.

Monkeysmarts1849d ago

Sony already said they are dumping 3D as any focus with the PS4... it will support 3D, but they will not be pushing it. I wouldn't waste money on a 3D TV unless you just want 3D period. I doubt many games will feature it.

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QSPR1850d ago

can't wait to get mine. I already have a 55" 3D bravia TV kdl-55HX800 nice TV by the way! love it.. preorder one ps4 @ my gamestop store and the other one it's gonna be on my sony store! one for the wife one for me ;)

irepbtown1850d ago

I can't wait either!!

I've got 37'' LG 200hz TV (LCD), full 1080p of course. Had it for a few years but still packs a punch.

I've already put a £20 deposit down for the PS4 on so I'll definitely be getting it launch. Just need to save up for the rest now and the Launch day games :D

xursz1850d ago

If I purchase from the online Sony retailer will I have it on launch day for sure? Does anyone know?

Just asking because GS is expecting not enough in production to meet demand and I've heard one too many stories of people having to wait weeks, even months, to get a system after preordering at GameStop or BestBuy.

Drekken1849d ago

I have this TV too. I love it!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1850d ago

tell me about it.. im thinking about buy alot of the lunch titles also =))) they just look so damn goodd.. i just love great games

is it me or GTA5 is losing its spark with all this next gen talk...
the game isnt looking as good as it did, compared to next gen games lol..
im sure itll still be a great game tho

Drakesfortune1850d ago

of course a multiplat game gta 5 isnt going to look as good as games on next gen..

if games didnt look any better on the next generation consoles then there would be absolutely no reason to move on to next gen

WeAreLegion1850d ago

lunch titles?

God, I'm hungry...

_QQ_1850d ago

does it matter? it will still be an amazing game. Probably better than most "next gen" titles for the next year to be honest.

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Bhuahahaha1850d ago

good for you. me?. not that i dont want it, but im still content with my good 'ol ps3~ still got dozen of unfinished and havent played yet titles(too many good games not much free time).and beside all sony console i bought is the slim model(psone>ps2>psp>p s3>w8ting for slim vita>ps4 hopefully

THEDON82z11850d ago

Yeah got my money already just making my campout arrangements now because it looks like it might be about 10 per store.

hazardman1850d ago

I don't think so I read somewhere Sony is trying to have 16mil units shipped by end of yr. I forgot article but I'm sure you did some research you might come up on it. Either way always better to play it safe just incase 6 is all you get....

BlmThug1850d ago

I'm really hoping it releases in october. Best birthday gift ever :'D

thechosenone1850d ago

my birthday is also in Oct :D and hell yes it would make it the best bday ever!

Nilemonitors131850d ago

Ps4 is going to be an awesome gift for myself, my bday is apr 26, soul sacrifice should suffice, but Ps4 is what im waiting 4. Everyone will have an awesome christmas, it just can't come soon enough.

nthstew1850d ago

I might preorder. Fingers crossed may be killzone shadowfall bundle or infamous bundle for me

die_fiend1850d ago

Guys 3D gaming isn't all that. You all know that graphics take a big hit from having to render each image twice? Uncharted 3 is a good example.

Wipeout however looks pretty amazing in 3D but this isn't the norm. Day 1

4lc4pon31850d ago

I run x2 3d tvs. A 42 inch and a65. I beg to differ on 3d is not all that. Finding Nemo, lorax, monsters Inc are amazing in 3d.

Can't wait to hook me ps4 up.

die_fiend1850d ago

If you're trying to argue with me:

Which part of 3D gaming includes finding memo, lorax or monsters inc.

Since you didn't get the first comment I should probably spell it out. Those are films

NBT911850d ago

I agree. I was browsing the comments here while playing Tekken Tag 2, which prompted me to give the 3D a go on it for the first time since I bought it. Dusted off the 3D goggles and yep... What would you know, it looks poor. Frame rate takes a huge hit and the game just looks poor. Nowhere near good enough to do the game's otherwise fantastic graphics any justice.

I do agree with the other guy, though. If you are going to watch enough films it is worth buying into, because films (though mainly animation) look great. Gaming... Not there yet but I guess the point is the extra power of next gen will make 3D that doesn't kill the game's visuals as bad?

jetlian1850d ago

actually TTT2 frame rate is very close to the non 3d version. But it maybe your tv or system. I love 3d and more games are welcome

NeoTribe1849d ago

I agree. 3d is more of a gimmick than anything. Cant stand to look at it for more than 15 mins. Heard its bad on the eyes aswell.

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miyamoto1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Expect MS to launch an all out war against Sony PlayStation in its last ditch effort to stop and kill the PlayStation brand.

With all these stuff Sony is doing to keep core gaming alive and not letting casual gaming take over.

I will let my voice be heard when PS4 launches.

I love Gaming! Forever may he reign.

Dark_king1850d ago

This should be true since they don't have anything like the cell are brand new disc drive to slow production down.I really don't see any reason for it not to be available world wide.

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abzdine1850d ago

this is great news, they shouldnt delay the release in Europe like they always did cause it's the biggest PlayStation market.

i'm getting mine day one for sure, i really cant wait for that day to come

miyamoto1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I have never been an early adopter.
I got my PS3 in 2009 when Uncharted 2 broke loose.
but the PS4 is very compelling as of late to break my personal rules.
I wonder what game will make me get it...

coolmast3r1850d ago

no news for you here. get out of here.

TheKayle11850d ago

we didnt know already that ps4 would go out in 2013?!?!?!

DigitalRaptor1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

There's been rumour that PS4 would release in Japan and U.S. this year, and European, Australia, UK etc next year.

That is how Sony distributed the PS3. So yes, this is news.

coolmast3r1850d ago

well, for example i live in Russia and PS3 hasn't been available till late 2007-early 2008. So it's good to see PS4 is coming out this year worldwide so everyone can purchase it.

MakiManPR1850d ago

I'm also saving for the PS4 since Feb 20! Will try to get every launch game so will have to control myself and dont buy any other games or consoles so sorry The Last of US, GoD Ascension, Bioshock, etc. I already have a nice Monitor so no need for a TV.

I only wished it could have play PS3 games out of the box...

SAE1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I send PM to you ^^

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