PS4 Release Date In October, First Appearance In June

Now we have got some news about the first view of the PS4 at E 3 in June. Earlier it was rumoured that console would be released in October.

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iGAM3R-VIII1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Hard to tell at this point. We will get clearification at E# but I think SOny have been releasing a lot of info which means it could be released in October, which makes sense with the Assassins Creed and Destiny and Watch_Dogs. I would still wait until E3 to see

nthstew1491d ago

this e3 is gonna be wait for it legen.....dary..

MikeMyers1491d ago

I expect both systems to be uncovered at E3 but I'm not sure if either one will announce a price until after E3.

Tomdc1491d ago

the "wait for it" is supposed to come in the middle of the word :P

Fishermenofwar1491d ago

What is this legend you speak of??

E3 is going to be nuts!!!!

nycgamer4ever1491d ago

My nephew works at gamestop anf their computer shows they stop taking preorders on Nov 13th. He said they usually stop preorders the day before so chances are mid november about 1 month before christmas rush. Sounds about right.

SonyWarrior1491d ago

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AngelicIceDiamond1491d ago

This years E3 will be a killer. And it will finally get the nightmares of E3 2012 out of my dreams.

Nilemonitors131491d ago

This e3 will have something for everyone, for me it's all about the Ps4, it will bring exactly what I want, killzone, infamous and a new FF, I just know that this e3 will make everyone happy, except the pc fools that come with every article that says a good thing about consoles.

DigitalSmoke1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

U completely messed up a prety good line, nobody who saw this will ever be able to use in the same strength.

Shame on you.

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iGamerZero241491d ago

It's so funny how these articles keeps says its dominating when world wide numbers show PS3 slightly ahead and true the 360 is favored in the US! But the last time I checked there both world wide company's ....Sony Is for sure on track to be the Premiere gaming hub next gen with super easy and powerfull platform to Develop on....interesting to see what MS does

demonddel1491d ago

M$ got the largest market on lock thats all that matters they have a big presence in Europe Japan dont really exist for them they have America and they won it by a landslide and publishers know thats where the money is watch MS bomb on you twitches

HiddenMission1491d ago


Your funny if America is the largest and Japan doesnt matter and MS won America then how is it that PS3 is ahead....

Truth is Japan more than made up for America and only a fool would think thats wrong

CEOSteveBallmer1491d ago

@demonddel you Xbot!! Get out of here this is a playstation article, find somewhere else to troll and bother. You and your America is the world logic. Japan, Europe australia and other countries have more PS3 fanbase go check it on google I dont need to give you a link. Typical Xbot, you should have a robotic voice and say: Destroy, Terminate All playstation lifeforms, Activating Kinect 2.0, Prepare for war. Hahaha

PeaSFor1491d ago

even with a full year ahead of the ps3 launch, the 360 still struggle to be ahead of ps3 in worldwide sales and total unit solds.

now if MS and Sony launch their console in the same period, it will be pretty interesting to see who's got the biggest momentum to be first.

dafegamer1490d ago

@demonddel America= world?o_O?????
Your logic is flawed fella

irepbtown1490d ago

Microsoft have the potential, I just hope they do bring out something awesome. I'll be getting the PS4, but for the sake of all the folks going for the NextBox, I hope it's awesome.

DigitalSmoke1490d ago


Thats whats importand?
Because what is importand for me on a gaming machine, is awesome hardware and games, great big nasty phat ass GAMES!

You're playing with marketing numbers, wtf are you doing on this site ?

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SAE1491d ago

I think i saw an article that confirm assassin creed 4 will release the ps4 version in release date so it means the ps4 will release in november..

kenshiro1001491d ago

It'll be awesome if I can get that for my birthday or Christmas.

silenius1491d ago

Must contain myself not to spend a pence so I can buy it... Hope it's not more than 380 pounds :)

Hicken1491d ago

Sorry, disagreed on accident.

I think it'll be reasonably priced. As for WHEN, October doesn't sound bad.

NBT911490d ago

PS3 was £420 I believe... Doubt it will be any more than £380 this time. No one took the PS3 price seriously, you either had half a grand to throw away on a PlayStation and were buying it regardless of how much it would cost, or had no choice but to wait for price cuts.

NBT911490d ago

Just hope it isn't delayed in the UK like PS3 was. Otherwise I'ma be playing AC4 and Watch Dogs on PS3 and while I don't mind that, I'd rather get them on PS4 launch to start off my collection and ensure I have enough to play on it.

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SlavisH21491d ago

This would be amazing! I hate holiday releases everyone already wants one plus holidays makes it 2x as hard to find. I hate rumors but I would love if sony did this.

Kurisu1491d ago

I've pre ordered so mine will be secured for launch :)

teedogg801491d ago

Where did you pre order from?

steve30x1491d ago

Holw can you be sure the retailer you pre-ordered didn't take too many preorders and you might not get one?

Sub-Zero851491d ago

Dude your so full of it , no one that I heard of aren't taking pre-orders

1491d ago
QSPR1490d ago

mine is secure.. I work @ gamestop and Sony Store lol

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IRetrouk1491d ago

I preordered mine from game with a 20 pound deposit, the manager told me there will definatly be one there for me come midnight, i use them alot and have got to know them abit, helps a little sometimes i think.

d0nT wOrrY1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

This E3 is going to be the biggest event in v/games industry EVER.

nukeitall1491d ago

Well, biggest E3 until the next console cycle!

XXXL1491d ago

October release? That'd be sweet.

Honest_gamer1491d ago

PLZZZ be in the UK! thats just when i get loads of money if it's any longer i have to save that money and i cant save -'-

Eyeco1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Student loans ? Because that's the same for me lol

Honest_gamer1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

yeh man LOL student loan on the 29th of September, another on the 7th October, then bday money on the 9th October haha willing to put aside £800 for it and games for launch day so i hope theres some good launch games that i cant get on ps3/360

M4I0N31491d ago

well worth the investment ;), even though i should be concentrating on my final year by then

Eyeco1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Well its good to know where making good use of tax payers money lool

badz1491491d ago

it's a loan, not scholarship. they still have to pay it back later

gamesmaster1490d ago

Maintenance loan you pay back, maintenance grant is the free bit.

irepbtown1490d ago

Lucky you, I need to get a job :(

Honest_gamer1489d ago

i have a job i work at abertay university as a web designer, i also study web design there, it's a loan you have to pay it back, and even if it was tax payers money, im sure u'd agree it's better spent on a ps4 than some forign family :D

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