IGN - Beyond: Two Souls Video Preview

IGN - Exploring Quantic Dream's most ambitious game yet.

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The_Infected1487d ago

The game looks amazing! Those graphics are really good. Hope the story and gameplay are good as well.

Edit: Who's doing the commentary a kid?

SOD_Delta1487d ago

Indeed, Beyond Two Souls looks great. Having recently beat Heavy Rain I'm now looking forward to Beyond Two Souls.

The commentator is a woman.

grailly1487d ago

we should start getting away from using the term "beat" with games, especially for games like heavy rain. Heavy rain has no fail state, so you really aren't beating anything, you just experienced it.

using the term "beat" just belittles games as experiences, but that's just my opinion.

kenshiro1001487d ago

I am so pumped for this game.

Julie1486d ago

Anyone has a youtube link for this one? , that player refuses to load :(

ABizzel11487d ago

I hope you walk with the left stick and not by holding R2.

N311V1486d ago

Yeah, she says as much in the preview.

ABizzel11485d ago

Thank you I'm trying to avoid any details, so I didn't watch.

Walker1487d ago

Graphically, it looks like a PS4 launch title !

black9111487d ago

WOW Day 1!!!!

Also These Visuals are why I'm in no Rush For Next-Gen.

rezzah1487d ago

This is a game worth dropping all other games to play on day one.

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The story is too old to be commented.