Wipeout HD: Developer Interview

Wipeout HD is set to hit the Playstation Network anytime now and anyone who has checked out the trailers that are on the store will no doubt have been impressed.

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name3658d ago

Thank god, I was hoping for some info on this game. I had wipeout 1 for the PS1 and I recently bought it again on PSN. I suggest everyone else does the same. Either by that or twisted metal 2.

decapitator3658d ago

Best feature that I am really looking forward in this version is the custom soundtracks. It will be great to play your own music whiles you do some high speed racing.

Trick Nolte3658d ago

A MAJOR contributing factor in PS3 purchase. I have been in love with this franchise since its PS1 debut. I cant wait to get this sh!t! I was hoping to hear word of a release date in that interview. Seems like the meat of the game is a wrap but the dev said something along the lines of them finding ways to use sixaxis. Hope its an old inteview because I dont want to wait to much longer to get my hands on this jewel.