Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel Preview

GameAlmighty writes, "Some very solid feeling pedals and an illuminated horn button round out the package and make this a wheel we are guessing you won't want to leave in your rear view mirror. It's hard to hide the fact that we are already pretty impressed with what we've seen, but we'll be sure and put the final system through its paces before it hits stores in May."

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sonarus3561d ago

looking to get the one with a clutc. only wish it was cheaper

level 3603561d ago

It's a sequential shifter, so no clutch needed.

Yes the option to position the gearshift will cause a few disappointments, as well as going for sequential only.

Also another difference I noticed is the red button - 24 position adjustment dial for the Driving Force PS3 while the G25 has 12 positions.

Says it's about roughly a hundred bucks cheaper than G25.

May not look as realistic as the benchmark G25, but the important thing is that if it does deliver the goods, then it'll work-out just fine. Right?