Naughty Dog: The Last of Us is “All About the Story”

RipTen: "While playing The Last of Us recently, I asked Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Arne Meyer, how many hours a player could expect from this game, clarifying that I was specifically talking about the "main story" and not all the side mission hoopla that most games are packed with these days. That is when things got interesting."

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NastyLeftHook01814d ago

And im all about opening dat wallet naughtydog! come on! release it already !

GribbleGrunger1814d ago

Ignore my post after this one, I'm a friggin' IDIOT.

Donnieboi1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I can respect a man who can admit he screwed up. Not many on n4g can swallow their own words, after being proved wrong.

SOD_Delta1814d ago

I know how you feel. I might even go to a midnight launch to get this beautiful game. Only thirteen more weeks... *tear rolls down cheek*

GribbleGrunger1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

ND have never said that this is an open world game, so where the writer of this article gets that from, I have no idea. Basically, he's written an article about what EVERYONE already knows (it's all about the story) and added his own speculation to pad it out.

Ezz20131814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

yes they never said that
all they said it was "wide linear"

which allow you to explore and go different ways through the game

EDIT : mistake.

his loving the game
so i can't complain here

Nostradavis1814d ago

I am pretty sure the article doesn't say the game is open world. It says it is more open base on the time spent playing it.

You want to call out the gaming media when readers take liberty summarizing things as they see fit when the words in the piece don't say that at all.

"Wide linear" seems like a fitting comparison to "more open."

Ezz20131814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

yeah i admit it ...i read it wrong
my bad here
and since you played the game
tell us every thing about what you played
the gameplay
the gfx
how open the game is, is it hard .etc

EDIT : @nostradavis
Damn, that's awesome last thing
from what you played
what would be your score for that demo ?!

Nostradavis1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

I loved it.

Still struggling to finish my preview because there is so much I want to say but it had a good mix of stealth and salvaging ability mixed in. I loved the Metal Gear franchise and this has an element of that mixed in. It also has a bit of a Detective Mode too that allows you to listen in to detect runners and clickers through walls etc.

I got to play against clickers and runners in the demo and it was about 2-3 hours in from what Arne told me.

Joel is very protective of his party (as you would imagine) and he (you) are often clearing out areas before the girls are given the okay to join you.

Exploration is not what you would expect and because of that I was told to forget what I knew about other exploration games. This came in handy when I came to the first obstacle in the game (rubble on a set of stairs). Normally I would go another way but that wasn't a dead end. You simply jump down a level of stairs over the railing and move the filing cabinet blocking your way.

Also, (and this may sound funny) one of the first things I noticed is we can now crouch without having to be behind cover to do so. He confirmed to me that the reason we can do that in this game and couldn't do it in Uncharted is because The Last of Us is much more about stealth. You can creep up behind a clicker (they can't see) and stab them in the neck to kill them.

Overall I enjoyed the demo very much and the mix of everything into one combined with Naughty Dog's skill at crafting stories looks like a win.

We should all be happy they are giving us this game as a new IP so late in the life of this generation.

GribbleGrunger1814d ago

Yeah, having reread it, I think perhaps I was a little harsh. It doesn't actually suggest GTA openness as you say, but rather more open than Uncharted. I got that wrong guys, sorry.

Nostradavis1814d ago

No worries Gribble. The point I was trying to get across is I applaud Naughty Dog for focusing on the story 100% instead of giving us a story and X amount of side missions that may or may not get played out with an on screen "completion" bar that makes us feel like lesser lifeforms when we don't fill it.

rezzah1814d ago

Story is all I care about :O

ps3_pwns1814d ago

the game is not open world but i bet the sequal will be open world and it will be like if you made the walking dead the tv show into an open world game.

wenaldy1814d ago

If its like The Road, im in. You guys should watch The Road and Babel, awesome movie.

j-blaze1814d ago

not just The Road it's going to be mix of allot of things.. u know ND have amazing skills ripping off stuff from different sources like movies, games...etc without admitting that they did it ๏̯͡๏

BigStef711814d ago

If ND is a bunch of copycats then why did the great Hideo Kojima visit the studio for their expertise and ideas he could implement into making MGS5 an even better game? For as much as you hate Naugthy Dog you can't even deny that they are one of the best in the business and make groundbreaking games

DigitalRaptor1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

@ BigStef71

Exactly. Kojima knows!

Besides taking inspiration from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, what else has Naughty Dog ripped off? And if you think the inspiration was never acknowledged, what is this?

Before you say Crash Bandicoot ripped off Sonic or Mario, those games are nothing alike.

Before you say Jak & Daxter, there's nothing you can really say.

Before you say they ripped off Tomb Raider with Uncharted, the gameplay is nothing alike and the tone of the games are completely different as well as the characters and storytelling.

Before you say Uncharted copied the Gears of War cover system, the games were in production simultaneously, so... nope.

Before you say TLoU copied The Road, besides taking influence from film and literature such as The Road, No Country for Old Men, Babel, City of Thieves etc. the game has completely unique attributes and is not ripping off any other post-apocalyptic game or survival horror game in both world, story and gameplay. I dare you to challenge me on that j-blaze.

It's a shame j-blaze is too blind to understand the difference between influence and ripping-off. He mustn't be very well read, if he can't see the difference.

BioShock Infinite borrows influence from an absolutely immense number of sources, but it's the least rip-off game I've played in a long time. It's only true peer is the original BioShock.

Heisenburger1814d ago

Absolutely! Viggo was so impressive in that movie.

The Road is THE movie to watch if you want to get pumped for TLoU.

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