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GTA V: Easter Eggs And Animation From New Screens

Techtorial: Here's some easter eggs found from the new screenshots of GTA V. Plus, an animated version of the images which could be a fan made creation. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

claud3  +   853d ago
Bull, it is a mini-gun
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Ranma1  +   853d ago
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   853d ago
Choppers(bikes) were in GTA IV... I didn't notice the cops hanging off vehicles though. That might make things more interesting in high speed chases. GTAV looks to be the best looking open world game to date.
Brandon_2535  +   852d ago
Pretty poor article, honestly.

They mention the "chopper" motorcycles missing from GTA IV when they were clearly added as part of the DLC later on.

That's obviously a mini-gun and not a flamethrower. I'm not sure how they messed that one up.

"The dude with a green bandana." Seriously? Not only did they misspell bandanna, but they didn't realize it was one of the main playable characters, Franklin.

There are a few other things that bothered me, but I'll stop there.

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