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GameSpot: "The elements that made its predecessors interesting have been all but destroyed, making Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel a functional shooter but little more."

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NobleRed1849d ago

Next dead game series after MOH.

LackTrue4K1849d ago

yep!!! EA is killing it!!!
Dead Space/Army of two/MOH....hope we see new ip's with the next gen consoles.
and all 3 of thous series where some of there best!!!

krazykombatant1849d ago

Army of two has always been a flop what are you getting at, can't kill and dead horse.

squallcloud91849d ago

But this game is more expensive than bioshock infinite. Doesn't...make...sense...! !

seanpitt231849d ago

Why make these mediocre games we all knew this was going to be average at best even before it was announced so why bother

Half-Mafia1849d ago

So by Gamespots review scale this game is better than Resident Evil 6. Give me a break.