PS4 – Everything There Is to Know

On Febuary 20th 2013 Sony officially unveiled it’s next-generation console during a media event in New York. During the event Sony talked about the consoles internal specifications, showed off some pretty impressing next-gen games & talked about the great amount of potential developers now have with the PlayStation 4. Here's everything we know so far.

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1878d ago
PSVita1878d ago

Great article and structure. The only thing that bums me is the no CD play back :( guess its time to get a laptop.

hiredhelp1877d ago

Yeh backed up by a shop I use in UK.
Plus look line up of games too

ps3_pwns1877d ago

ehh digital music. cant remeber the last time i useed a cd player when you can just dump all your music onto a usb and plug it in instead of having to switch cd's lol

wenaldy1877d ago

Everything we know, everything there's to know....blah..blah..blah..