Rumor: Bioshock 2 Coming To Sony PS3?

According to reports, Take-Two and developer 2K Marin are working on Bioshock 2 for the PS3.

Reports are stating that Bioshock 2, which was revealed as being in development by 2K Marin just yesterday, will not be exclusive to the PC and Xbox 360.

Instead, Take-Two may be going to more than one home console, meaning a release on the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360.

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BigKev453658d ago

Only for the X360, folks. Move on.

Iamback3658d ago

Since you tell us, yeah we believe you. Move on dude.

It would be nice for PS3 owners to play this.

moveteam3658d ago

Maybe, but if EA aquire Take-Two it's very likely Bioshock 2 will be a multiplatform game.

Exhaust3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I just wonder if the hardcore PS3 fanboys will flip flop and suddenly think Bioshock is a good game... they spent last year saying how it was garbage... nothing but "a steampunk Systemshock 1.5"

If the sequel does come to PS3 would they release the original first? Rumors first said the next one would be a prequel but either way you'd kinda need to know what happened in the first one.

First one was a great game. Misunderstood by many but a great game. COD4 still beat it IMO for GOTY though.

Edit: Disagrees for saying the truth? Did "hardcore" PS3 fanboys NOT trash the game for no reason? Seriously I wonder if they'll flip flop... Its not a bash on anyone. Open minded PS3 fans didn't trash the game only the DarkSniper type fanboys did.

@1.7 Yes exactly like the hardcore 360 fanboys downplaying MGS4. Wish people would just play the games rather than talking crap and being biased about the games coming out for the "other team". For the record I'm really excited about MGS4 I just said in a thread I thought GTA IV was more innovative so now automaticly I'm supposed to be a 360 fanboy.

InYourMom3658d ago

All PS3 owners can play it on their PC as they so smartassly like to proclaim all the time.

"according to reports" yeah, reports made up in their own head.

Just look at the last issue of OXM they state that MS has paid to lock it down for the 360/PC.

Diugu3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I am a PS3 owner and I have played this a little on my friend's xbox. He hated it... but I really enjoyed the few I played.

Just didnt like the controlers.. wish I could plug in a mouse and keyboard and kill all. hehehe

Anyways... I dont think it will come to the PS3, but if it does it will be a nice addition and for that it will be well received, at least by me.

Also... didnt see Inyourmom's post. Now that I saw I have to say I will most definately get this for the PC. Mouse and Keyboard are very important for me on a FPS.

mikeslemonade3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Microsoft never bought out Bioshock 1. The first one is exclusive because it was clear that Kevin Levine was far into development of Bioshock 1 when the PS3 wasn't even out yet.

sonarus3658d ago

@exhaust. You mean the way MS fanboys continually down play the greatness of MGS4. Bioshock is a fantastic game. May not be to everyones taste but anyone who disses the game is a fool and same goes for mgs4 haters

Silellak3658d ago

Technically, he DOES have as many sources as this poor excuse for a "news" article...

Gorgon3658d ago

"Misunderstood by many but a great game".

You make it sound like people need an academic degree to get into what Bioshock was all about.

NO_PUDding3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

@Exhaust and Sonarus

I still think BioShock is a waste of time. I will not be getting it. Mainly because I think it's sickeningly pretentious critical reception put me off it. I can deny this game being great, it is mediocre.

It makes me genuinely angry that a game like this can be better received and GOTY for this artistic part, when actually it's a boring FPS, yes totally boring with one tiny decision at the end, that somehow makes it art, when there are games like Shadow of the Colossus, and ICO that don't even have options and are monumentally more artistic, and weren't even considered for GOTY even if they were released last year.

BioShock can stay away from my console. As well as all the other generic Microsoft Hardcore games.

P.S But as I firmly and recurringly state and believe if Mass Effect comes our way, then I will be happy. THAT was deserving of GOTY. And I am very much jealous of 360 owners having that game. It certainly is way more clever than BioShock.

@Gorgon Bubbles

sonarus3658d ago

well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Its still relatively early in the next gen cycle so it will be a while before you start seeing games pushing artistic creativity. However i thought bioshock took a pretty good shot at it. I haven't played mass effect yet. Been saying i would get the game forever but lol... anytime i get into gamestop one thing leads to another and i end up with a different game. Would rent it from blockbuster but i know i won't have time to play it as much as i would like to

Expy3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Even if ti doesn't come to the PS3, your statement is wrong... PC ... folk...

Edit: LOL @ disagrees... you guys are sad...

Exhaust3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Personal preference plays a big role no doubt. While I disagree with you about Bioshock and the things you've said about GTA IV (praise be onto it lol) I have to say your comments regarding Mass Effect prove you're not a blind Sony fanboy. You prefer your PS3 but aren't trying to downplay good games on the other side of the fence.

Bubbles for you even though you disagreed with me. :)


Thanks for the reply. I agree saying "no reason" was a poor choice of words. I meant it was based out of brand loyalty alone more than anything. However its very clear is there bias towards PS3 on this site. My comment wasn't that offensive and was a real question. I really wonder if there will be flip floppers. People are hyper defensive. Anyway thanks for your even handed comment.

Jinxstar3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

@ Ehxaust

I do not recall any PS3 fans bashing for "no" reason. If you liked the game you may see it as "No" Reason but in all honesty there are a number of gaming sites that did bash it and with merit. For example

But this is just an opinion. Not my opinion. I own all consoles and enjoyed Bioshock... For the most part. It had its flaws. just like Lair has its flaws. I could go on and on myself about how "360 fans bash it for no reason cause they haven't tried it" There however is no point. I enjoyed Lair. Even with the control scheme. It was challenging and "learnable". I just think too many people lost patience with it too fast. Once again that's an opinion.

If anyone bashed bioshock I would hope it was for being "linear" or "Not what they promised" in terms of AI and possibilities. Cause the Wrench is pretty bad ass and there is no need for the extremes of "Possibilities" that was promised when you can just run and gun(Which I enjoyed so don't think I am bashing)with physics, AI and puzzle solving.

The story, Sound and ideas were totally astounding but if your not into retro underwater cities with "Mother superior" esque people... I guess you wouldn't like it. Every game is not for everyone but if people bash its cause"I haven't played Lair but the Sixaxis control scheme seems weak" however if they had the opportunity and said "Its on PS3 hell no" Then I would say they are not a real gamer same goes for Bioshock or any other game. I am not into Lego star wars and wont buy it but damned if I go to someones house and they have it I will truly try it cause thats how I am.

Hence why you most likely got disagrees. Accusing any group of supporters of doing anything for "No Reason" will make people dislike you. Probably resulting in negative replies or what not. Just FYI.

Edit: For the record I bought Mass Effect. I hated it. I played for about 12-15 hours hoping for more. I didn't like it one bit. I returned it after 2 days playing and everyone at the store thought I was an idiot too. Personal preference. Does that make me a blind sony fanboy. I love lost odyssey. Hands down one of the Best RPG's I have ever played. Does that make me Anti Sony? Stop accusing people of being things and maybe people will agree with you more.

Edit 2: Cool. Thanks for the reply man. Game on bro.

NO_PUDding3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Yes i agree opinions of individuals are fine, but people who say PS3 should be lucky to get an artistic game are just misinformed by the journalistically starved media.

2007 when I think about it had such a weak line-up in comaprison to years on the PS2. And somehow 2007 is the best year in gaming ever. English speaking media loves to skew things to America's favour and inevitably the 360. That mainly why I come here, becuase there are so many PS3 fanboys, it must be that they are open minded people from the US/UK. I might even go as far as to call 360 owners conservative and PS3 owners liberal, but that is ridiculous, but in terms of market and not political allegiance that is certainly what it is.

And how is it too early for creative games? I am sure ICO came out abotu now in equvalent time scale of the PS2. I don't think it's ever too early for artistic games, maybe too early for the technical side of it, but that isn't alwasy what makes a game artistic. Anyway, I can feel mysef gettign more pretentious by the second, and I will shut up. But I agree with what you said mainly Sonarus, thanks for your reply.


Yes, thanks for noticing both my comments, I thinkw e ahve ahd a run in before, but I am most certainly not a blind Sony Fanboy, just a fanatic :P. And to be honest I don't even blame you if thus far there aren't any agmes on PS3 you would love to ahve. So far exclusively whatever people say, PS3 has been weak. But then I also think that the same can be said for 360. But we both ahve promising titles. Fable 2 for exmaple seems to be great, I just hope Molyneux doesn't make empty promises like before. It still didn't stop Fable 1 from beign fun though.

The 3rd Place3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Undeniable proof this site is run by PS3 fans.

This is what I posted yesterday.

"If you really are a gamer first. You would realise most people bought a PS3 for Blu-ray and not games.

The time, money and effort to make games for the PS3 is not a good investment.

The fact is, the 360's attach rate as of January 2006 was 4.1 and inreased to over 7 games per system as of March 2008. The highest attach rate the PS3 has had is 3.4 after 15 months on the market. The 360 surpassed that within 2 months of it's release.

With only a few exceptions, the majority of software released to date on the PS3 has been a disaster.

PS3 owners have to buy much more games before decent hard working people put in the extra time and money needed to make games for the PS3.

Chances are that the extra cost of making Bioshock for the PS3, would have meant 2 million sales on the 360 would not have been enough to make a profit and 2K Boston may have shut down."

This should be a 360 exclusive, PS3 owners do not deserve it. Also the extra cost of a PS3 conversion would mean less chance of Bioshock 3.

Charlie26883658d ago

@mikeslemonade: Dude...Ken Levine himself will actually confirm different

but hey its cool and all to think companies are good hearted, kind and that there main interest is not money and God forbid if they were to actually behave like a actual company that is a BIG no no it must always be the nice way of things :)

VirusE3658d ago

"It had its flaws. just like Lair has its flaws." Wow and then all your credibility went down the drain. You are comparing a game that stands as one of the highest rated next gen games with a game that is one of the lowest rated games. Yes bioshock had flaws, most games do but not many games have the amount of flaws lair did. To even think about comparing lair to bioshock is criminal.

Bioshock was a great game and i see no reason why it won’t come out for the ps3. Hopefully ps3 owners will get lucky and be able to play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

VirusE3658d ago

3rd place could you please explain why ps3 owners don’t deserve Bioshock? That is such a childish statement. Yes the ps3 has had some software drought issues but it has also had some gems. Drake and resistance are both amazing games. Yes i agree the 360 has a much better attach rate but lots of us paid good money for our ps3s and we have a right to good games just as 360 owners have a right to good games for the money they invested. Why shovel such hate on fellow gamers? We all have the same hobby here… ohhh wait i guess that isn’t true; some of us play games to have fun and others worship tyrannical companies like sony and ms out of insecurity and ignorance.

incogneato3658d ago

I only want this game if it's a prequel. Bioshock lacking the 50s themed Rapture just wouldn't be Bioshock.

BigBaehr3658d ago

u do realize Levine was talking about Bioshock and not Bioshock 2

Charlie26883658d ago

@BigBaehr: did you even read what I posted and who did I answered too? what was that person even talking about? from you answer probably not

...sigh when will people learn to read or at least comprehend what they just read

Jinxstar3658d ago


I am not here to get your approval first off. You dont like what I say thats fine. I could care less about credibility I am here to share my opinion and not oppress anyone in their gaming choices. I hate sports games so I don't comment.

What flaws did Lair have besides the controls? You seem to claim the game was full of fail. I disagree. Story, Graphics, Dragons, just about everything I liked. I feel Mass Effect was full of fail like I said earlier. I agree with Yahtzee's review of Mass Effect for the most part. I did not enjoy the game at all from the very start... Yet so many others did. Good. It's an opinion. I am not a fan boy and enjoyed Bioshock very much. I enjoyed Lair. I am one of the few. It's not a game for everyone.

Why would you consider it criminal to compare? They are both games. They are both exclusive to their platforms and both tried to offer something new and unique to their genre's. I feel they both failed on many aspects but were both enjoyable to me. Optimum word being "ME". You can disagree but I don't think its a bad comparison. Far from "Criminal".

It's my comparison for what I felt best to explain my side. I choose lair because it got such horrible reviews. Cause it made my point that much finer... I dont disagree much and you can feel the way you like.

When all is said and done. Game on.

Lifendz3657d ago

Larger installed base and easier to develop for than it once was.

godofthunder103657d ago

bioshock 2 will be a 360 exclusive.i have a 360 since launch and i never had 1 problem with it yet but the ps3 is a good console to.
i think that bioshock 2 should be not only on the ps3 but every other system because i think that all gamers should be able to enjoy all the games.i think that kill zone 2,and mgs4(i know it will need more the 1 disc)should be ont the 360 and i think games like halo and fable should be on the ps3,hell i think that they shouldn't have exclusives at all,i like to see every one enjoy all the games with out breaking their bank accounts to buy all the systems.
all the fanboys that say that they hope that a game is only on their system is just childish.even if a games is just on their system they wouldn't receive a damn reminds me of a 6 to 8 year kid that want let other kids play with his toys.
if the games were on all the systems it wouldn't hurt any gamer it will just let every one enjoy them and it's nothing wrong with that and the fanboys that disagree needs to grow up.
i wish that sony,microsoft and nintendo get together and make some kind of deal so they could just make one system.all 3 companies make most of their money on the software that sold not the systems.for exsample micro could keep all the profits from games like halo and fable,sony could keep all the profits off games like killzone 2 and mgs4 and nintendo could keep all the profits off games like mario and zelda.and they could share the profits off all the other games.if things keep going where they are going then all 3 company will have a good share of the market because sony lost a little % of the game market already because of the sales of the wii and 360 so really it want be a bad deal if all 3 companies could get together and make a deal,hell it would be perfect for all gamers and then all this childish fighting could stop.

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The 3rd Place3658d ago

This is just the PS3 fans spreading false rumours.

VirusE3658d ago

Thank god you ran out of bubbles 3rd place. You act like your have something to loose or some vested stake in ms with your comments. When you go see a good movie do you hide it from everyone and try to get movie theaters in other states to not show it? No you tell everyone you know that the movie rocked and that they should experience it for themselves, why should games be any different? Bioshock was a great game and if ps3 owners get a chance to buy it then I don’t see how other games getting to play it is a bad thing.

Doppy3658d ago

The first one needs to be ported over first. I still haven't played it.

LaChance3658d ago

who have seen some "reports"...
Yeah , right.
Anyways T2 havnt announced any platform but I doubt Bio2 is coming to PS3.
I wanted to know why was Bioshock exclusive to 360 ? Whas it a true exclusive or did msft pay for it ?
If msft payed for it , why wouldnt they just pay for Bio 2 to be exclusive ?


You have to be honest here , do you actually think from now on that devs are not going make games for the ps3 . you have got to be retarded , everyone knows that it is the best gaming system in the world and it also plays blu ray movies...and did i forget to tell you now its divx certified . right now im playing the show 08 the greatest baseball game ever on my ps3 ...dude go buy a PS3 and S.T.F.U.

tweaker3658d ago

Nothing special.

If this does really happen though, it's because EA is in charge.

ktchong3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

What reports??

PS3Center (Victor Dangelo) pretty much just pulled that one out of his arse -- claiming "according to some reports" but never actually giving the sources for those "reports". That site used the exact same tactic for the first BioShock and Mass Effect as well.

cr33ping_death3658d ago

oh you know...the same ones that said MGS4 was going to the 360....those reports. : ) those damn reports sure do say alot dont they.