Next-Gen Transition Will be Just as Slow and Painful for PS4 and Xbox as Wii U

GenGAME writes: "Most of the content problems Wii U has faced so far are likely to be faced by PS4 and Xbox as well. While they’re unlikely to run into the same brand confusion that Wii U faced, we all know that it’s games – not consoles – that drive this industry. So the real question will be, as it always is, who will come out with the most-wanted games. And so far, it’s not necessarily clear that PS4 and Xbox will be ready with a stronger start than Wii U when they finally launch."

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Godmars2901882d ago

No. Because they're actual attempts at "next gen" rather than a tweak of the current one.

Sorry, but its true.

lilbroRx1882d ago

The technology to make the Wii U didn't exist in 2006.

gta28001881d ago


Is that so? then why does their console look no different from consoles that were developed in the early 2000's?

SilentNegotiator1881d ago


Then WiiU shouldn't cost so much in that case, as technology is supposed to do more for less over time, not the other way around.

SilentNegotiator1881d ago

The Ps3 comparisons are such garbage; Ps3 never had a month as bad as Wii U in January.

thechosenone1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I'll call it now, Sony will see huge numbers while MS will struggle to sell units, the weaker specs blocking used games, always online connect in the nextbox will be the underlying factors.

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ilikestuff1882d ago

itll come down to what they cost

_-EDMIX-_1882d ago

Nope. It comes down to weather or not the value of it warrants the cost.

SilentNegotiator1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


Vita: "Is that so?"

Both price and value are important. Cheaper systems normally do better. BUT, in Wii U's case, a lack of value as a system that neither impresses the hardcore with its jump into the 8th gen nor the casual/masses with its touchscreen (something that reached its peak long ago) is leaving it in a sticky situation.

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Spoon_1882d ago

I really don't understand Wii u backers its like backing the v6 mustang knowing the cobra outshines it in every way

BuryYourHead7071882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

or like owning a mustang in general knowing that about every other sports car is better :] lol

neogeo1882d ago

maybe because the V6 stang gets 30mpg and still has 305hp, cost less to buy and also to insure.

Anyway I back Metroid, Zelda, xenoblade, Donkey Kong, Eternal Darkness and bayonetta 2...No matter what hardware it's running on.

DwightOwen1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Maybe Nintendo fans buy it for... wait for it...


lilbroRx1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

@Dwightowen, no they buy it for "good games" and fun.

If specs were even "one" of the most important things to Nintendo fans, then they wouldn't game on consoles to begin with.

They bought the Wii U because it offers more than just increased specs. If offers new way to play games on top of being able to do more than last gen console. A simple spec up is not enough for them. They want "true" next gen according to "their standards" not yours(ie. new game playing capability and features).

SonyPS41881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

You can't play Nintendo Wii U games on a PS4, despite its more powerful hardware. That is something people tend to forget.

JustinWeinblatt1881d ago

No it's not like that at all. It's more like buying a system with games you like, instead of buying a system with games you don't like. I prefer Mario Galaxy to Uncharted and Smash Bros to God of War, so it naturally makes more sense for me to buy a Wii U. I prefer local multiplayer to online multiplayer. I prefer platformers to shooters.

To me, the Wii U is a far better option than the PS4 will be. You can buy whichever system best meets your need.

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Spoon_1882d ago

V6 mustang< cobra mustang

KONAAs1881d ago

mustang suxk balls u cant even fit 4 adult ppl in them they are crowded, overhyped

guitarded771882d ago

PS4 and XBOX will have third party support, so I don't think it will be as slow. We've seen that the Wii U will not have Unreal Engine 4, and EA has pretty much said they have nothing planned for the Wii U. Nintendo has to rely on their 1st party exclusives and their third party exclusives, which are going to be Eastern devs for the most part. Sony and MS have to worry about price point, to grow the install base. Even with a low install base at the beginning, both Sony and MS should see strong third party support because of the x86 architecture. Having x86 makes porting games from/to PC VERY easy, so the investment of making the game for 3 platforms is minimal.

Stroke6661881d ago

the wii u will, or should I say could have unreal engine 4

EA and nintendo have horrible relationship its like rare all over again. however the article speaks of the third party games being on other consoles as well. cause nintendo does have third party support the thing is the games on it are also on ps360 so it may not warrant the purchase of a new console for most. the same can be said for the upcoming msony offerings from what we know so far. will ps3 owners and xbox 360 owners see it as worth it to buy a new system for games slated for release on systems they have in their living room. imo, what rein and EA want is for gamers to focus on graphics. by doing so their job is all that much easier, all they'd have to do is put out the same shit just with prettier graphics which is exactly what they plan on doing. we gotta stop the non sense as gamers and not be herded into what to like and what to consider important. prettier graphics are great but that should not be the start all end all of the gaming industry. I would bet that no ps360 fan will down sonysoft for releasing with games that are also on current gen systems, especially not in the way nintendo was trashed for the same thing. watch dogs, battlefield 4, assassin creed 4, so on and so forth will be lauch titles for sonysofts next gen consoles but would those move systems considering they'll also be available on current gen systems? do you think its worth a new system purchase?

lilbroRx1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The Wii U will have major third party support, it will just primarily be from Japan and Europe.

Most games I buy are exclusives that come from Japan(I don't like military shooters) so that will be perfectly fine for me. When games like Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter, Wonderful 101, Monoliths Xeno title and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem stop coming to the Wii U, then I will consider there being something to wonder about.

fatstarr1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

it will be extremely painful especially with the weak sauce ps4 promises and the lack of real AAA material for the wiiu. not even any thing on the next box's side either. e3 needs to come.

wiiu was an upgrade if you had a wii
but theres no reason to get a ps4 or next box. if the xbl service and everything is up to par. there's no need to insta upgrade especially early. since dual generation releases will be happening for the next 2 years.

and people don't care about graphics because a ps3 is better than a gtx 680.

in truth next gen will be all about the games. everything better re invent itself.

and despite how sony fans think the Sony products do not fly off the shelves.

ps3 in 2006
psp when it launched
vita in 2012

ps4 in 2013, selling 3 million b4 the year is done to be touted a great success. i can see it now.

die_fiend1882d ago

PS4 launches with Killzone 4. So like many others, I'm sold.

Wii U equivalent being a 2D (?!) Mario game.

Wii U is getting a lot of grief because it's not even running 360 ports properly 7 years later. PS4 will be wiping the floor with the graphics, AI, game worlds etc of Wii U because its actually a big upgrade for gamers

OpieWinston1882d ago

Killzone 4? I'm far from sold after seeing it, I don't know if the MP will have the "War Torn" landscape in their maps like previous Killzones, because that's what lets you enjoy it IMO.

I will agree next gen(Xbox/Playstation) is going to be a far larger leap then Wii U. Nintendo has always been 1 step behind, and the Wii U is doomed (sadly).

Stroke6661881d ago

@opieWinston... have you seen wii graphics compared to wii u graphics? sonysoft's next gen will not over shadow their last gen systems like that, nor will they be lightyears ahead of the wii u like last gen with 3360 bs wii. the biggest leap this gen by far will be the wii u. albeit the sonysoft installments will have better graphics than the wii u. and even still that will not ensure their success over the wii u cause time has proven that graphics do not sell systems. that being said I am looking forward to see more of what sony is bringing to the table KZ doesn't do it for me but I'm certain they'll pull something out that intrigues me until then I'm actually loving my wii u. Sucks that graphics can keep you from having fun but happy gaming none the less!

ALLWRONG1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I would agree if the Wii U didn't have 3 times the power of current gen, which it does. Also I'm pretty sure the PS4 and Next Xbox will be twice the price of Wii U.

jcnba281881d ago

Sorry but Nintendo will win next gen, again.

Deku-Johnny1881d ago

Actually I think the transition to next gen will be quite a slow one. A lot of people are wanting to stick with PS3/360 as they still hold up after all this time. Obviously it won't be AS slow and painful for Sony and MS as it is for Nintendo right now but the beginning of the 8th gen won't be smooth sailing for anyone unfortunately.

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_QQ_1881d ago

Yes because ps3/360 owners have less reason to buy a ps4/720 than wii owners have for wiiu, sony has better games coming out this year for ps3 than ps4's launch lineup, unless you consider KZ4 miles ahead of The Last of Us.Seeing how it will probably take at least a year for various worthwhile exclusives to release, along with most third party games being on both current and next gen systems for at least a year, i would say yes.

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Conzul1882d ago

Instant sharing of your gaming feats coupled with quality titles like KZ4 and Second Son and Driveclub. BF4 maybe.

Almost forgot; the ability to make your own games and port them to PS4 and sell between .99 and $60

Oh yeah, reeeeeaaaaalllll slow start.

1upgamer991882d ago

I am not discounting what you are saying about making your own games and porting them, but honestly the AVERAGE gamer is not going to do that. Only a true core gamer will. I am a Sony/Nintendo/PC gamer, and I would not even know how to begin to do that. Although a cool feature, for most people not a selling point.

Nintendo is kind of doing the instant share thing right now on Miiverse, though not to the extent Sony is planing.

SymphonicRain1882d ago

I think what he means is that with the ease of access for independent developers, the PS4 won't really suffer from "no games".

Felonycarclub81882d ago

No I don't see this happening it will have its moments here and there but not as bad as wii u because alot of the companies are dropping wii u support and are going next gen

overrated441882d ago

Hey look at that a speculation post that is missing facts! This is N4G all right!

smashcrashbash1882d ago

Do you know that for a fact? Since when is it that people think because one company is having trouble that automatically means they will have the same trouble? Just because the Wii U is struggling because people didn't buy their pitch or are waiting to see what the other systems are offering doesn't mean the next PlayStation or Xbox will suffer the same fate.

specialagent45321882d ago

Is true looking at the PS4 it seems to have learned from its mistakes by talking with game developers and by offering the PC articheture x86 which is the standard for PC gaming well is going to be easier for game developers to make games. Second the online features are way better than what we saw on the PS3. Meaning at the moment the PS4 is a far better deal than the wii u. Not so sure about Microsoft since we know nothing but rumors. Even though personally in my opinion not a fact it will fail. I will eat my words if I am wrong about it.