'Olympus is God of All PSP titles' - God of War: Chains of Olympus Review by Canada

Canada writes:

"Not as a slight against Sony's PSP (I really do love mine), but we'd come to expect a certain quality from it, and equated its processing power somewhere between the original PlayStation and a PS2.

Even when console franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell and Daxter pushed the handheld to its seeming limits, their PSP ports weren't as fun and immersive as their PS2 incarnations, and we accepted that as a limitation of the machine."

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decapitator3657d ago

Agree 100% with this reviewer. Right now am playing it and I can't stop playing that mini-sex game. Is addictive as hell.

With that said, I cannot wait for GOW for PS3. It will be awesome in all areas.

Skerj3656d ago

Canada is law, Canada say GoWCOO rocks and you all obey!!

Lanontscuz3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

anybody beat charon yet? the ferry for the dead part... ive tried so many times already and i keep dying... oh and im on spartan mode

Marceles3656d ago

That guy is easy...your first encounter with him, you're supposed to die after you beat him up for a little while...he'll go onto the side of the screen and charge up a green ray that zaps all of your life away.

The second encounter, keep parrying (push L)(or jump over) his 3-slice attack and slice him, parry the fireballs he throws and throw them back at'll know he's about to throw fireballs when he teleports away from you, i think half-way through the fight he'll start doing an earth wave attack in which you just jump over it and attack'll have to be quick though because he either throws energy balls at you or does the wave move, so you could be close to him but he'll throw the energy balls, when he goes all the way to the right side of the screen to regenerate, you have to break those power columns under him to make him stop...he'll continue attacking you again then go back the right side again...once you take about all of his life and break all of the columns under him, you'll have to do an active time battle where you push the correct buttons (great part btw)...then you're done.

Torch3656d ago

It's been sitting in my PSP since last night, but hadn't had a chance to play it yet.

Man, this game must be just melting off the store shelves...went to two two large Wal-Marts...both of which dedicated three whole rows of behind-glass shelves completely splashed with the GoW advertisement from top-to bottom...all gone.

And it must have had a positive effect on PSP console sales as well, because both locations were almost completely sold out of those too!

Finally picked it up at a local EB Games.

Wait...umm, what am I doing here???...

Gonna go commence play...NOW!!!