Gamer Gossip: PAX East 2013, and Battlefield 4. Are FPS games becoming redundant?

A few members of The Koalition team spent their time at PAX East last weekend. Although they had a lot of fun, it seems like they may have been disappointed with an anticipated game coming out this year! Moreover, are FPS games becoming redundant? With the new reveal of Battlefield 4, it’s easy to think so. However, not all FPS games are the same! Check out the video above to find out more!

- Electro Jade

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DaThreats1760d ago

Richard had to much to say for a demo..

SwiffEpics1760d ago

Did you also play this demo?

Well aiight then.

LOGICWINS1760d ago


OT: Awesome weekly recap ElectroJade. Loved what you said about BF4. It looks pretty, but doesn't do much gameplaywise to deviate from the FPS norm.

kirbyu1760d ago

I think so. I seriously don't think we need any more first person shooters, at all, every single one is exactly the same.

LOGICWINS1760d ago

Yeah, I could do with more third person action games though. Watch Dogs and Second Sun look INCREDIBLE!

DragonKnight1760d ago

Becoming? Where have you been? Shooters have been redundant for years.

NegativeCreepWA1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I've had this feeling for years, though I still play them.
At least in Battlefield I don't feel like I'm doing the same thing every match.

In CoD, once I know the maps its the same every time.

fsfsxii1760d ago

I just want the FPS craze to end by next gen

PS4isKing_821760d ago

Amen to that brother. It's time for jrpgs, platformers and other great genres to come back and flourish like they did before this gen.

fsfsxii1760d ago

I actually stopped playing FPS games since febuary started, buying disgea next week and a couple of JRPGs

spicelicka1760d ago

I have a good feeling nex gen will be a time of hybrids. Fps games most likely won't die because of the precision in pvp multiplayer.

It has nothing to do with being fps, it's the repetition of settings and the typical cinematic style campaigns where 90% of the time you're watching a movie basically.

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The story is too old to be commented.