Half-Life 3 Potential Confirmation Evolves Outside of Valve

"Half-Life 3 potentially confirmed, two Grand Theft Auto releases emerge onto PlayStation Network, and DICE clarifies their decision on Battlefield 4’s frame rate, this is Nick's Gaming View."

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Lisica1817d ago

We all know it's coming.

2013, 2014... 2023...

ATi_Elite1817d ago

It's coming when Valve works out the Kinks on the SteamBox

and the Next Gen consoles are up and running so I expect Late 2014 or early 2015

Nothing else is in the way unless Valve is making Ricochet 2 or Alien Swarm 2.

I know a knew Left 4 Dead is coming but I'm sure that's gonna be some MMO type of game like DayZ.

Lisica1816d ago

Or early 2016, 2017... 2023...

Droid Control1816d ago

Launch game for the Steambox?

Steambox and PC exclusive?