Metro: LL Collector’s Ed “Wouldve led to a Long Delay”, Puppeteer $39.99, GRID 2 Preorder $10 Credit

In our time scouring the internet to bring you the most interesting news, we come across some smaller tidbits of information that don’t quite warrant a full story and aren’t worth mentioning. This past week though, the amount of smaller info was quite large, so we saved it up and will be treating your eyes to it below, in bullet point form. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1883d ago

Good price for Puppeteer, I hope it does well.

smashcrashbash1882d ago

Looks to me that it is worth $60.00 but nice that I can buy it for less

talocaca1882d ago

I will take puppeteer for 39.99 and the last guardian for 99.99.....


rezzah1882d ago

lol I was thinking the same thing.

knifefight1882d ago

I'd be willing to pay that, yeah.