Nintendo Removes Darksiders II from Wii U eShop

Tynan Muddle at writes: "If you want to buy THQ’s last glorious RPG before the company went bust, Darksiders II on Wii U, now is your last chance."

The game will be removed from Nintendo Wii U eShop from March 31 this year, according to a news update on the Wii U eShop."

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LordHiggens1845d ago

A load of bollocks...more people should play this game...and the first Darksiders with it.

V0LT1845d ago

I hear Crytek may be bidding on this franchise

animegamingnerd1845d ago

the beauty of digital distribution removing from the download space so no else could buy it

and this why i hope digital only consoles will flop

Blank1845d ago

I agree digital only consoles are no good at least with PC you can download them direct from the internet without the need of a digital platform like abandonwares and etc but with consoles that option isnt there unless you hack it but I like having things physically and legit

MasterChief36241845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Though I also consider the digital-only era a terrible idea, it has been stated before that you can redownload the game from the eShop if you have already owned it in the past.

If I'm not wrong, every major console allows this. They take the listing off of their online stores, but if you check your Download History, you can still download them just fine. That has been my experience with the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and what I hear of Steam and the Wii U.

ScubbaSteve1845d ago

I remember when the PS3 accidentally listed a PSP digital demo that was in fact a full game. I then downloaded that thinking it was a demo and saw it disappear shortly after. But browsing my catalog of old games I could re-download I found the games full version still unlocked.

TooTall191845d ago

On PSN any game that you purchased can be downloaded, even if it is removed from the store.

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josephayal1845d ago

The game is on the reactá

InsaneChronos1845d ago

Nintendo: No Mature Games, In Kidults We Trust