Two new digital GTA IV screenshots

Along with the latest "hidden package" sent to GTA webmasters, Rockstar Games included two new digital screenshots of GTA IV:

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Winter47th3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

The GTA's always been about gameplay, an in-game trailer showing the game's mechanics would be nice, cause it's kinda irritating how they're treating this game like it's some kind of a secret project wrapped in confidentiality by only throwing some bits and pieces of info at us.

The latest blowout of previews didn't help either, all i got from'em is 30 pages of ' this game looks amazing, driving is awesome, there's a dude named Jacob and subtitles are your friend '.

I love the way Metal Gear Solid 4's marketed, every now and then in big events a 15 mins trailer pops up, insuring the wait's worth it and the console purchasing is more than justified.

Jeanne3695d ago

What a disaster. This is what happens when you are forced to gimp a game down to only 7gigs - 1.5gigs less than last gen with the PS2 ans Xbox.

How badly the 7gig 360 disc format has gimped the gameplay is the big question now.

Winter47th3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Totally, imagine what they could've achieved with 40 gigs more, shame, a game with a scale like GTA only gimped to a few gigs is quite sad.

Luckily with Microsoft's blessing Rockstar decided to milk their consumers with downloadable content that was supposed to be in the already full priced game, what a rip off.

brocool3695d ago

damn is it really that small? I had no idea.. no wonder it looks like crap

Exhaust3695d ago

First that 7gb crap is off topic fanboy BS. Post a creditable source or it didn't happen.

Second the game is going to be amazing as it is. This game can't try to be photo realistic in an open world with all the physics and AI moving around. COD4 and Uncharted are confined maps not open world.

Nothing is "gimped" but your mind.

Why don't you take your biased fanboy comments to the open zone.

BachelorBrit3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I really disagree the game looks awesome you have to take into account how big this game is. So the game has bad graphics? what are some of you guys smoking?

Even if Grand Theft Auto IV is somewhat "gimped" as some are putting it the game will still likely be totally amazing. No-one knows what Grand Theft Auto IV would look like IF it was as a Playstation 3 exclusive but who cares now at this stage? The game will soon be here next month and I am pretty certain it will be incredible.

brocool3695d ago

True.. it is an enormous game that is incredbly detailed, sometimes having the best graphics doesnt mean that much, it will be awesome No Doubt.

dork07833695d ago

Will never shut up LOL!thats so sad stop complaining Already

mintaro3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

the main reason why this franchise has been so great is the gameplay, and i dont see that changing with the release of GTA4

HELLFIREV13695d ago

GTA is all about the gameplay.
Rockstar has never dissapointed me and with this looks like they wont ether.

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