CNN: 5 video games to watch from GDC 2013

San Francisco (CNN) -- More than 20,000 current and aspiring game makers have converged in San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference, where the next wave of gaming trends is on display: next-generation consoles, the growth of free-to-play and independent games, and the explosion of mobile gaming.
Game publishers take advantage of the conference spotlight to showcase new games for the first time. Electronic Arts went big at the show by renting out a movie theater to debut a live gameplay demo of the upcoming military shooter "Battlefield 4" on a giant screen.
Other game companies rented luxury hotel rooms to offer hands-on previews of new titles across a variety of platforms. Here are five games that stood out:

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jagiii1908d ago

Looks like a lot of good games are coming this year.

Capt-FuzzyPants1907d ago

The only one I'm really interested in is Thief. I've never played one but it sounds pretty good, and I think its by the people who made Deus Ex HR which i loved.

Muffins12231907d ago

God at least fox news did not try to do this