Xbox silence at GDC isn't the full picture, says Epic exec

Mark Rein says lack of Next Xbox talk "is more perception than reality"

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GalacticEmpire2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Perception is their problem, if developers perceive MS as not interested then support for the next xbox could suffer. Especially with the smaller devs who may only be able to work with one console for starters and there's Sony with hands outstreched but MS nowhere to be found.

Perception, although sometimes superficial, can actually turn out to be very important.

@ironfist That doesn't change the fact that Sony had a big gaming presence at GDC and MS did not. Developer percecption will still likely be influenced.

IronFistChinMi2059d ago

He isn't talking about developers perceptions, just journalists and the gaming public.

Quote from article;

"I don't think with developer relations anyone is trying to be public, it's just you're at GDC and Sony has the hardware to talk about, and Microsoft hasn't talked about it publicly yet. So I think it's just the difference between someone who can say the name of their console and someone who can't."

NeverEnding19892059d ago


Don't mind him. Most people here only read the headlines.

I think Mark Rein has it right. Microsoft has most likely been working with devs for years regarding the next Xbox, but like a review embargo, the devs can't talk about it until Microsoft gives them the a-okay.

It's pretty wild how much hype M$ is getting without even disclosing the existence of the next Xbox and not spending a penny. We'll get a few days of PS4 because of GDC, but then N4G's interest will return to Microsoft and stay there until E3.

I doubt M$ planned it, but their silence is genius at this point.

E3 2013.

thechosenone2059d ago

does it worry anyone else that after showing off the new hardware they push back the April event by a month?

black9112059d ago

Once I saw EPIC I passed.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I am glad the company MS is in bed with can confirm this.

Guess the last 4 years without new AAA games was more perception than reality?

"'Women are the new core,' says Microsoft narrative designer"

somehow xbox fans will find a way to defend this.

misoJEFF2059d ago

@ NeverEnding1989

I find your devotion to the X-Box very admirable! But I also find that you are some what blinded my your, as they call it, "fanboyism". Hype, you say... I check N4G on a daily basis and by far the PS4 has a lot more stories than the NextXbox. And unfortunately when the next Xbox does get an article it's been more on the negative side or at least the fan response has been negative.

Who knows what will dominate the headlines till E3, but you already seem to know... since you're a prophet or something.

TBH you exhibit very typical fanboy behavior. One side wants so bad for their side to "win" they cannot accept any good news about the others side what so ever. It just turns into plain denial and sometimes anger.

TheRealSpy2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Your point about seeing more PS4 articles than nextXbox is utterly idiotic.

Of course you're going to see more PS4's been confirmed and demonstrated. Xbox 3 has not. Besides, do you know where you are? this is N4G. Any Sony article gets heated to the top, but Xbox articles tend to get heated up when they are negative or flaimbait (ie, Forza Blows Away GT).

Most of us come here every day. You are no great exception with some special insight.

To everyone else, I think Iron and Galactic are both right. GDC is a chance for small developers to see the new hardware they will be working with. I'm sure MS has been working with all the big publishers out there to make sure games are ready near the launch window, but there are probably also plenty of developers who are still in the dark.

Either way, i'm really sick of this back and forth between console fanboys. It's childish. Neither system is out and nearly everything said on N4G is speculation. What we do know is that PC sales are up 8% and that the next gen of consoles (ps4 at least), will probably be around the equivalent of a high end PC today. So, it seems like PC might actually be the contender you should be championing.

Time will tell.

sikbeta2059d ago

Rein knows what's up dudes, MS is coming as the strongest force this generation and will not fail to deliver...

MikeMyers2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Some people act as if just because there has been no mention of the new Xbox that there isn't things going on in the background with these publishers.

Can anyone show me any confirmation whatsoever from an actual Microsoft employee that states when they were going to announce the new system? All I have seen was something from Major Nelson hinting it was going to be at E3 and a countdown. Other than that everything has been speculation.

Sony is getting extra marketing because right now if they want to mention games like Watch Dogs on next gen or Battlefield 4 on current and next gen system they can only really talk about the PS4 and the PC plus platforms already available. There will still be plenty of time between E3 and when the PS4 is actually available to buy for Microsoft to announce the next Xbox. We don;t even know the price of the PS4 yet.

misoJEFF2059d ago


Woah... calm down man, he was referring to how MS was getting all this "hype." I just referred to how, at least on N4G, most of the hype is clearly in favor of PS4... clearly that's because it has already been announced...

and the bit where u mention N4G, if the articles that are on N4G that are getting "heated up" are PS4 articles than that's whats getting hearted up by the people who visit N4G. There's no conspiracy there, you're giving people way too much credit thinking that they're some how conspiring to get the bad articles heated up.

There's no need to call my argument or any bodies argument "idiotic". I really hope my post didn't come off as "fanboyish" cause that was not my intention. I agree with you, of course MS is working with big and small devs, to thin otherwise is just plaid crazy. They're absolutely crazy, all of them... Sony, MS and the new PC fanboys but unfortunately their here to stay. It's a shame they don't realize that without the other platforms, without competition this industry would be shit.

dcbronco2059d ago

Galactic either didn't read the article or doesn't understand what a private presence is. I'm assuming he didn't read it. Microsoft is the company with the history of supporting developers. Sony's history is the opposite. They changed this time around. But in the past they left most developers to figure it out. There have been more than a few developers that have said that that is Sony's past reputation.

Ritsujun2059d ago

The full picture is MCS' been trying to UP UP UP their specs after the event of 20 Feb. LMSAO.

brave27heart2059d ago

Fanboys are always good for a laugh. Allow me to debunk some of your comment before breakfast:

@Galactic Developers know whats going on a hell of a lot more than you or I. The fact they cant talk about it publicly yet means nothing. If a developers interested in developing for the next xbox they'll go to Microsoft and discuss it. They're not going to think "Oh, nothings been announced to the world therefore MS dont have anything lined up therefore I cant develop for them. Thats just crazy logic.

@NeverEnding Er....MS hype? Care to show me where? With nothing announced and Sony talking freely about PS4 the hype is all in Sonys camp right now. Thats naturally going to be the case. As for silence being genius, you're deluded. Its hurting MS, not because gamers dont think somethings coming, but because every week we hear rumours about MS blocking used games, always on internet, pushing kinect 2.0 and going after casual gamers and ignoring the core. Until MS officially announces their console and debunks these theories people assume them to be correct and its turning people away from MS. Their silence is hurting their reputation with gamers and a lot of the talk about the next xbox is negative. Your comments are poorly thought out.

@various. Yes there are more PS4 articles and hype right now and yes thats obviously because we have facts to discuss over. That doesnt change the fact that Sony have done well to put themselves in this position and the hype they're creating now and building upon will serve them well with the PS4. MS are clearly delaying to react to what Sony have done, Sony came big with the focus on gaming and developers, im betting MS wanted to go big on the next xbox being an all in one box entertainment device but are now rethinking that strategy in light of Sonys approach. They may go less heavy on entertainment box and shift some focus to games so they dont give up a chunk of the core gamer to Sony next gen.

loulou2058d ago

galactic and the 42 people who agreed with you. please just throw yourselves from building or something, because it is almost impossible to believe that people are that stupid.

most probably nearly every dev has had xbox dev kits for more than a year.

tell me, are you 43 really that stupid

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greenpowerz2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Developers are working on xbox 720 games.


They're at the tipping point, it doesn't matter what is said anymore because they will still see what they want to see to vent all that nervous energy.

People here seem worried. Anger Is A Manifestation Of Fear! Anger Manifesting As Anxiety Is Common On N4G!. Children do this all the time often purposely masking what is wrong lashing out in other ways/things finding unrelated, often fictional things to vent.

I said the other day Xbox 720 attention seemed far greater than PS4. PS4 hype spikes only after Sony releases new info then gamers and media attention goes right back to xbox within hours.

Xbox 720 isn't even announced and it's getting more attention than consoles that are announced with info on them out! yet the media rather focus on xbox knowing they get more traffic that way, from both camps(not saying this story is that but still true non the less proved by trending/fanboys tracking and trolling)

No one believes the Xbox won't work without *always being connected* to the internet or that MSFT will be spying on you through Kinect that *is always on* but media knows more people in the biggest gaming markets care about the xbox and they know the fanboys will keep up the traffic.

When 720 is announced this will be no place for non Sony fans with 15 hundred degree stories with 1000 comments.

imsocool12342059d ago

Two things.

Sniff sniff....Do you know what you smell?

Besides your upper lip,it's the Microsoft bo of fanboyism lol.

Insomnia_842059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I seriously don't see any hype for the next xbox. Where is that hype you and neverending1989 are talking about?? all I see is negative stories of it, people asking "where dafak is MS?" How can anyone be hyped for something that they know exist but know nothing about and the little bits they know are negative points?

Objective2059d ago

You are right green, the PS4 announcement itself already serves as a precursor to the inevitable announcement of the next Xbox and that is in itself creating hype for Xbox.

MysticStrummer2059d ago

An Epic exec says something vague about 720, and all of a sudden it's supposed to inspire fear in the poor Sony fans? I'd say give us a break, but your delusions are far too entertaining.

OT - Of course MS's silence isn't the full picture. They aren't ready to announce anything so they haven't. The thing is, the more negative rumors pile up the more likely some of them are to be true. The comment from the Blacklight dev about Sony being in it to win and MS having a different attitude was very telling, as was the quote from the MS designer about women being the new core. Neither of those are rumors, by the way. Expect a very Kinect and casual heavy E3, with a few MS core standbys thrown in for good measure. The quote today from Nvidia about PS4 being more powerful than 720 is just icing on the casual cake.

saint_seya2059d ago

Ure spot on: "People here seem worried. Anger Is A Manifestation Of Fear! Anger Manifesting As Anxiety Is Common On N4G!. Children do this all the time often purposely masking what is wrong lashing out in other ways/things finding unrelated, often fictional things to vent. "

Thats how u react in every ps4 article, thats why u need to attack, or talk of imaginary hype for a console that only gets negative articles #not saying that those are true, but those are the ones that gets#
So at least its clear why u need to be present in every article.. fear, so dont fear child #cuz at this point u said it, childs react to fear so i figured ure a child#, dont feel bad, after all, the day u realize the truth, noone will know your real name, so its ok to be wrong when you are an anonimous child in the internet.

DigitalSmoke2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Yes i think you got a point because twisted story's marketing and bogus articles is what Microsoft does best after all, 500 million dollar deal with Viacom did that for them...

Heck it got them the eventual second third place behind Sony and Nintendo features games and sales wise.

With only 3 games, thats massive!.

Sure the nextbox won't be powerless, but Microsoft has known for 4 years that they cant beat Sony at being Sony, the've tried and failed and bailed and gave you Kinect, year after year after year wile telling you its HardCore and its what You Want!

Whatever the sales might be for the next Xbox, they can burn for all i care, as i want multiple block buster exclusives on a traditional cutting edge game system suported by a stable of the industry's finest developers.
Not bogus hand waving wile jumping around my room on superficial party titles made by "noobs" who believe its CoOl feminine and CoRe!13.

brave27heart2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Talking of fear, fear often creates paranoia, delusions, twisting what is real into something that is not true in order to either feed that fear or protect themselves from it.

You talk of all the hype going back to the next xbox. Show me where? And for the record articles titled "What the next xbox/ps4 needs to win next gen" dont count. The hype is with Sony, simply because they have a product to discuss. Thats fact, get over it because you know what, hype means nothing right now. Once MS announce their console the hype will swing in their favour because of all the new information we'll have. Then when Sony show the console/announce price it'll swing to them, then back to MS when they release new understand how hype works? Its fluid and moves with the flow of information. Right now the info is coming from Sony. Deal with it.

You fear that your console of choice is under threat so you manifest false truths - the hype is all MS- to protect against that fear. Its a delusional reality not supported by any facts and its unhealthy. Whatyou should do is have the confidence to say "This is my choice and I choose to be excited about _____ console. I understand that others will choose differently and thats ok my personal views dont have to reflect those that others make nor should they try to influence others".

What worries me with people like you is you go to such great lengths to defend something as utterly trivial as which electronic product you buy how do you deal with issues that are actually more important? How would you deal with a family member suffering depression if you cant accept others see things differently to you? How would you cope with a friend or son/daughter who was gay if you cant accept peoples choice can be different to yours?

How DO you people function??

AlphaJunk2058d ago

@imsocool1234 - why are you sniffing his upper lip, clown?

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dedicatedtogamers2059d ago

To be fair, this is Epic we're talking about here. They want Unreal to be used by EVERYTHING, so they play the neutral ambassador, taking no sides, pointing no fingers, making no insults. It is no coincidence that every time we start approaching "next gen", Epic shows up with their newest Unreal Engine. They want to sell it to other developers, so of course they're going to support all consoles.

Other developers have said that Microsoft is going in a different direction with the NextBox. Based on what I've seen on the 360 for the last 3 years, based on what I've seen Microsoft doing in Windows 8, based on what they've been focusing on, I think the NextBox isn't going to be the powerhouse gaming machine that people expect. Just an opinion...

iNFAMOUZ12059d ago Show
Belking2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

"That doesn't change the fact that Sony had a big gaming presence at GDC and MS did not. Developer percecption will still likely be influenced".

Why would MS focus on the next gen xbox at GDC before they even reveal it to the public? It makes no sense. The only reason devs are talking about the ps4 is because it's been revealed already and they are happy that it's not a train wreck like developing for the ps3 was. The reason no devs are talking about the next gen xbox is because they can't.Not without being sued. Simple as that. Don't worry that will all be changing soon. MS is gonna show it's hand and it's gonna be on. Next gen xbox will be just as good or maybe even better than PS4.

hazardman2059d ago

You obviously didn't get what he was saying... which is developers have been in the loop and right now since the console hasn't been revealed noone saying anything. That doesn't mean MS hasn't been navigating behind the scenes.

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smashcrashbash2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

That is nonsense. The only hype they are getting is people wanting to know if all the negative things they heard like blocking used games and always keeping the Xbox on are true or not.I don't see how anyone could see that as positive in any way.No one saw all the bad things they were saying about the PS4 as positive or as hype in any way.I am not sure how hundreds of people yelling they are going to buy a Wii U or PS4 if the things they are saying about the next Xbox is true is hype in any way.

All eyes were on the PS4 before GDC is I am not sure why you think anyone will take their eyes off it after it or after E3.Just because your eyes are on the next Xbox doesn't mean they will be off the PS4 in any way.In fact people will be even more critical of the next Xbox if it doesn't live up to the PS4 or Wii U and it's flaws will be magnified.It isn't hype if everyone is watching to see if the negative things being said about you are true or not. That isn't hype.Not sure how Microsoft's silence is genius but Sony silence about certain things is a horrible thing? People like you sure know how to spin things in your favor. If it was Sony you would be sure people like you would be saying how sacred they must be and developers just don't want to support the PS4 or some ignorant crap. But since it's Microsoft it MUST be genius.

DigitalRaptor2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

It's damage control pal. Just like Microsoft perhaps weren't expecting exactly what Sony produced on Feb 20th and the PS4 hype that continues to gather, Xbox fans were also not expecting what Sony was going to be doing. They were expecting (or perhaps hoping for) another PS3 situation with an apathetic approach to online, and a less dominant approach/attitude, because "Sony is bleeding money" etc, etc.

Even before the reveal and early rumours, I was telling Xbox fans that Sony wouldn't be making the same mistakes, would have a vastly superior network supported by Gaikai, would have a console that would be easier to developer for, with a more aggressive approach to gaming, but they wouldn't listen, and thus they were unprepared.

Hence the damage control, to protect their psyche. And now that we've been hearing nothing but negative rumours about MS and their direction in gaming, their need to establish something positive for their chosen company has exploded. Sure, it would be smarter to wait until MS debunks the rumours and build their hype organically, but spinning negative rumours around is really quite desperate.

The next step for PS4 is free online, and we would have been right on every count.

NYC_Gamer2059d ago

I believe 720 was being spoke about at GDC just behind closed doors

sarshelyam2059d ago

I honestly give two poops. I am on the hype train for PS4, and I have already preordered a bunch of those announced releases on PS3 with the intent that I'll roll them over to their PS4 counterparts. Diablo III, Destiny, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Watchdogs, etc.

As for the Xbox. All I hear is negativity, but hey, the same crap was said about the PS4 before its announcement. I'm fairly confident I'll pick up whatever Microsoft announces when it's available, but if my current habits carry...most of my gaming will be on PS4 moving into the next-gen.

StrongMan2059d ago

I think most Xbox owners feel the same way you do.

Knight_Crawler2059d ago

How dafuq did you get another bubble...never mind, this N4G say something good about the PS and you get tons of agrees.

cyguration2059d ago

Sony killed all the negative news about PS4 whenever the rumors were incorrect.

Microsoft has never corrected anyone on any of the rumors and never bothered denying the ones most people are saying are true.

sarshelyam2059d ago

Which is why I remain cautiously optimistic. If the crap turns out to be genuine golden turds, I'll be prepared. If it's all debunked, then hey...color me surprised.

Jek_Porkins2059d ago

Not exactly, it was rumored most of last year that Sony would kill off used games and tie accounts to the controller, we haven't really heard anything concrete as to if they will allow them.

Microsoft is probably loving all the publicity, bad or not. Everyone will be tuning in to see what Microsoft has to offer.

cyguration2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )


As I said. Sony debunked all the negative rumors as quickly as possible.

EDIT: From May 2012 re: PS4 running used games:

bluetoto2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )


"it was rumored most of last year that Sony would kill off used games and we haven't really heard anything concrete as to if they will allow them."

why do continue to spew lies when you have been corrected with PROVEN statements, time and time again? That is denial at it's best.

OT: Can't wait until MS reveals hard data on their newest upcoming device.

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