Playing Metal Gear Solid 2 For the First Time

While the Metal Gear Solid games have been astounding players for almost two decades, there is a subset of folks who've yet to play them. Does Metal Gear Solid 2, the somewhat controversial PS2 launch title staring Raiden hold up after all these years when played without the rose-tinted glass of nostalgia?

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NastyLeftHook01695d ago

wow, the first time playing a metal gear game automatically counts as one of the best times in any gamers life.

rezzah1695d ago

lol true, from my experience MGS4 was my first MG.

One of the best games I ever played.

rezzah1694d ago

Not yet, my cousin has the HD collection but it doesn't include MGS1. I'll get it eventually.

ForgottenProphecy1695d ago

I played it for the first time last year. Probably the single best video game franchise in history.

SuperKiing1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Played in Mgs 1 back in 1999 and perception of the franchise hasn't waned since. Very few franchises can do that.

Ultr1695d ago

Its awesome! I still remember seeing the Trailer for the First time.
Where Snake walks on the George Washington Bridge and it's raining. And then he jumps onto that Tanker.
How excited I was back then.
When I replayed it on the HD Edition, I nearly got the same feeling :)

hennessey861695d ago

Is still the best one in my opinion. EPIC

Insomnia_841695d ago

MGS3 is the best one imo. Followed by MGS:Peace Walker.

cpayne931694d ago

Peace Walker is awesome, so much replayability, me and some friends have done countless hours on co op and vs. Its also my second favorite, but mgs1 is my favorite with 3 being my third favorite. All of them are phenomenal games though.

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The story is too old to be commented.