Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta brawling to XBLA

Capcom announced today that it will be offering free access to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta to Xbox Live Gold members who purchase Commando 3. A continuation of the high-octane action series with roots dating back to 1985, Commando 3 will run gamers 800 Microsoft points ($10).

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sonarus3544d ago

lol wow payin for a beta for a snes game. thats low capcom

socomnick3544d ago

Lol Im still gonna buy it though just for street fighter !!!!

Marceles3544d ago

yeah me too, i REALLY wanna see how good it looks.

wow4u3543d ago

Why do I get the idea you would think this was such a terrific deal and a fine offer had it been on PSN?

predator3544d ago

for people who were planing on buying commando 3 like me, this is one hell of a treat, I cant wait.