DICE claims Battlefield 4 demo was “pre-alpha”

According to developer DICE, the Battlefield 4 footage was from an "unoptimized, pre-alpha" version of the game.

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Maninja1881d ago

Sorry, accidentally disagreed. And isn't that from the bf3 launch trailer?

Mikeyy1881d ago

Thats all everybody does anymore, load dirtbikes up with C4 and ghost ride them into you, and BOOM!

Lisica1881d ago

That means there's still time to make it look more like freaking Call of Duty...

secretcode1881d ago

Yeah man, how dare a military shooter look like a military shooter.

Irishguy951881d ago

Are you talking about the new killzone?

FlyingFoxy1881d ago

I know what you mean sort of, too many games have a dull grey drab look to them. Barely any colour. I mean look at the original Doom's compared to Doom 3, everything got painted down to dullness.

Thankfully not all games are like that.

theflyindutchman1881d ago

I know what u mean, over the top action does look like cod only with better graphics and sound

Flavor1881d ago

Amazing how the drones disagree with you when you speak the honest truth. Sometimes i think most of the accounts on N4G are PR shills.

BF3 was a derivative mundane shooter that just happened to have vehicles. It was barely treading water from the last one, six years previous. It tried to be CoD, not itself, and failed.

wishingW3L1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

you guys can't really blame developers for wanting that COD money, game development it's a business after all. Even Killzone abandoned its root to go the COD way....

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ZoyosJD1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

No, sorry. It just mean that it won't take a $5k rig to run it.

*see my post below FAT MAN GO BOOM*

hennessey861881d ago

Rig will run it just fine

kikoano1881d ago

yes and they can add blue tint later like in bf3 alpha no tint then in beta blue tint

Wenis1881d ago

They already have the high contrast lighting and supernova sun as well so it makes sense to me

secretcode1881d ago

I laughed way harder than I should have at this.


Man I had never even cared to look at BF3 before Beta so I didn't new about the blue tint thing... I just googled some immages about it and damn, I like BF3 (still playing it regularly), but it would of have been so better without that stupid blue tint (and apparently there's some blur too?). I can actually see everything (and maybe that's the problem, I can see even some small hiccups that are not so notable in the final version, not that it would be a deal breaker, in fact, I would happily take those minor flaws over the blue tint).

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1881d ago

wow.... gold status must be friggin eye rapage.

Flavor1881d ago

You guys believe anything huh...

Lior1881d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h 680 sli waiting for this game

Rush1881d ago

And by the time it comes out you can rest in the reassurance that cards costing 1/3rd as much will play it just as well.

FlyingFoxy1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Off the mark by quite a lot there.. i got my 5870 for £300 in 2009 at launch and it's still worth around £100 on Ebay. That's over 3 years later.

So while cards do drop in price, it's not nearly as much or as fast as you make out. Of course it depends on the card in question as well.

Lior1881d ago

lol u know nothing about gpus do u just some console fanboy

Rainstorm811881d ago

LmAo @ foxy

Wouldn't that be a Third of the price...100/ 1/3... One third.......

If ur 2009 card was 300 and can play BF3 then hd argument holds water

4lc4pon31881d ago

im with you on this I have 2 rigs one crossire 7950 and one sli 680 rig. I also have a PS3 and waiting on the PS4. I cant wait to run bf4 on either or

Prcko1881d ago

i don't belive this
developers only wanna pump up hype.
''omg it's pre alpha,we have alpha,beta and imagine how game gonna look like when they release it :oo day 1''

CheexInk1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

It's true. If it didn't look how they wanted it to then they wouldn't have made it a marketing centerpiece. Sure, the game is in pre-alpha but that means nothing where this is concerned. It's not like the textures we saw will be twice as sharp or the explosions twice as explodey.