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Submitted by 32froshes 1052d ago | opinion piece

BioShock Infinite Is Making Us Racist

Cheat Code Central's Josh Engen writes: "With the launch of BioShock Infinite, I've been having an inordinate number of conversations about floating cities and murderous crows. The weird part, though, is that I've noticed people humorously co-opting the racism from BioShock Infinite into their conversations about the game." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
Nothing to worry about Josh. Racial jokes are okay as long as they're more funny than offensive. I have close friends from several different backgrounds and racial humor is like breathing for us lol.
Grap  +   1052d ago
the game set in 1912 so no the game doesn't make you racist.your great grand father was. people at that time in USA were racist.that's a fact not a made up.
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dboyc310  +   1052d ago
I really really hated that black chick that wanted to kill the kid. Thanks god Elizabeth killed her.
Mounce  +   1052d ago
and what dboyc310 would mean to say is: "I hate that Woman, who happens to be black"... Perhaps....

Lol....hate-crime-like posts.
Linsolv  +   1051d ago
@Mounce - No, there's no "maybe." He gave an identifying feature of a character. There are four people tend to talk about in real life when asked to describe a person, unless there's something obvious like horrible facial scarring ("Describe The Hound." "Dog helmet. Horrible facial scarring.")

They are:
1 - Height
2 - Weight
3 - Skin color
4 - Gender

Usually, in conversation, people will differentiate by whatever deviates most from the set of people they know. Usually they'll give two descriptors, and one will be gender. If the person is exceptionally tall, they'll say "Tall girl." You rarely hear "tall white girl" or "tall black girl" even among people to whom race is a strongly defining feature (IE racists)[Edit: , unless the person has a small number of tall friends and is differentiating between them]

However, if she's pretty much an average height, and pretty much an average weight, then you have to find other descriptors, which depend on how well you know the person. [Edit 2: Maybe you can say "the mechanic," or "the chick with the (implied: noticeable) boobs" or "the goth chick." But if you don't, you go back to those 4 basics, and race is still on the list.]

"[T]hat black chick" is pretty much a fair term. He hit two descriptors, like most people in conversation. I just started playing last night, maybe I'll find out that "that black chick" could be more easily described as "that chick who has horrible facial scarring," or "that chick who vomits live chickens," but I'm betting that I don't.
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Mutant-Spud  +   1052d ago
What this article is complaining about is that repeating the what the "bad guys"say in this game is politically incorrect. Anti Racists are more worried about controlling the words people use and the thoughts they have than actually combating any real "Racist" acts. Bioshock Infinite is more about White Supremacy, which is different to "Racism", it has different origins and is a political construct used to privilege a class of people and enable their hegemony. Also we shouldn't confuse "racism" with genuine racial hatred, calling someone a "racist" tells us nothing about them, it's just an insult or a slur,example saying "Bob is a racist" is not the same as "Bob hates black people". Using the word "racist" is like the old "So senator when did you stop beating your wife?" trick, it's asking someone to prove a negative.
Reporter: "So Bob, when did you stop being a racist?"
Bob: :What the!...I've never been a Racist!"
Reporter: "Oh, so you deny it then?"
Headline: "Bob denies Racist past"
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KwietStorm  +   1052d ago
No man lol...just no.
KwietStorm  +   1052d ago
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
Lykon  +   1052d ago
The start of resi evil5 was the most inflammatory racial thing I've ever seen in a video game. Me and my friends were squealing with laughter watching it between our fingers with our hands over our faces. I don't think a video game can make you racist though. I'm annoyed with our ancestors though . They used to treat black people really bad even though they were really nice in those days. Now a lot of black people act bad but we have to treat them nice and ignore it just because our ancestors were bad.
Linsolv  +   1051d ago
Don't be an idiot.

They weren't 'really nice in those days,' any more than they 'act bad but [you] have to ignore it.' They were people, then. People who betrayed each other, murdered each other, slept around, and did everything Europeans did.

And now, they (as well as white people, as well as Arabic people, as well as any ethnic group you care to name) continue to betray, murder, adulterate, and sin in many other ways.

There are good people, sure. They're good because they resist the temptation to do bad things. But there are no 'nice' races. There never have been, and there never will be.
WarThunder  +   1052d ago
Us? So i see this article only for Muricans
Actually it's giving "us" a history on how racist Murica was and is Not all, but most of them (Brown muricans included)

Anyway this game is not for me and not for others that are not "us" i guess.
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KangarooSam  +   1052d ago
Well you're missing out 'cause this game kicks ass. Yeah I'm white, but I'm pretty sure most people are thankful for a game with balls. I can't speak for African Americans, Irish, Chinese, and whoever else this game may offend but I feel like if they're gamers they're probably thankful to see a game that portrays the struggle for independence. Or at least one that isn't Assassin's Creed 3 haha.

Edit: Alright, now you're just being racist. The entirety of America is not racist. Yeah, the majority are assholes but that is a HUGE difference. You can't accuse a whole nation of racism.

Also, I'm half American and I live here so yes I can say those things.

I forgot "brown muricans" was politically correct. Ya racist.
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WarThunder  +   1052d ago
"now you're just being racist" Sorry but Murica is not a race nor a religion.

Yes because their skin is brown and i like brown!

What about Murican games that insults other race, nations and religion outside USA (example: making games that portrayed Muslims as criminals) or games that portray Asian Race as criminals and bad guys, while white muricans are good. Isn't that racism?

Yes your right majority of Muricans are assholes Brits too.

@admiralvic, What about Muricans learn to make games (especially war games) where thay attack other nations, Race and religion and portray them as Criminals. Thats is pure racism.

If someone makes a game where u play as an Afgan or Iraqi defending his country from barbaric USA invasion... How do u feel? and i know the game will be banned in the US.

This is fact.
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admiralvic  +   1052d ago
Why in the world would anyone be thankful for a game that is racist? Even conceptually that concept seems *** backwards... I mean for what reason should racism exist in the game? Simply because it's set in the early 1900's, though I personally think you throw out your right to call history accuracy when you start adding in floating cities and the like. Like a LOT of these things in games, they're okay to a degree, but the second some idiot like this guy brings the topic up for discussion, it becomes a problem.

What ever happened to just enjoying games, having a good time and getting lost in the experience? I keep getting the impression that people want to call out any problem under the sun and then make an issue out of it. It is getting old and really does nothing besides make it harder to actually develop a game. God knows being politically correct, preventing anything sexist or racist and avoiding tropes will result in better games, ya know?
KangarooSam  +   1052d ago
@WarThunder: No game portrays an entire race as criminals. Maybe Al Qaeda but I can't recall a game that was racist against Muslims.

Bioshock: Infinite is racist in a sense, yes. It shows Irish people getting drunk which I feel most would say is a humorous stereotype, even the Irish. However, it does not show black people picking cotton or getting whipped. It has signs saying "whites only" or "colored and Irish washroom". No one says the N word (at least I don't think I've heard it so far). It doesn't show anyone in chains, etc. It does NOT persecute a race. It portrays the opinions of white supremacists so as to paint Comstock in an evil light. That is ALL there is to it so calm down. As your mom probably tells you, IT'S A GAME.
KwietStorm  +   1052d ago
Do you have a mental hangup? Can you spell American just once?
Kran  +   1052d ago
"BioShock Infinite Is Making Us Racist"

Actually it's giving us a history on how racist the world was.
Mutant-Spud  +   1052d ago
Define "Racist" and define "was"...see what I mean?
The word "Racist" was coined by Leon Trotsky in his history of the Russian revolution. The word is a slur meant to demonise people who would not accept Soviet domination, such as the Ukranians, Chechens,Kyrgyz and other ethnic groups. We all know what happened to these "Racists" don't we,if you don't then google "Holodomor".
When someone calls you a racist today it means the same thing, people who won't submit to the official belief system, which in most countries is Cosmopolitanism or Multiculturalism. This is why everyone from White people, to Muslims and Israelis are subjected to the taunt "Racist", what the accuser is saying is "Go along with what we say or else!"
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pete007  +   1052d ago
i ve been victim of racism .........from women!
Kran  +   1052d ago
I believe that's called Sexism my dear friend :)
pete007  +   1052d ago
Back on topic, i dont think a game itself would have the strenghts To do so,
Otherwise battlefields and CODs would turn us into what?
omi25p  +   1052d ago
Niko Bellic?
imsocool1234  +   1052d ago
Tumble weed rolls by.....You mean sexiest, you moron!
DwightOwen  +   1052d ago
Maybe Josh should avoid all forms of entertainment until he is mature and responsible enough not to have his behavior so easily influenced.
Fistedcupps  +   1052d ago
Im African American and I really enjoyed this game. If people would use thier brain for once you would understand that its set in 1912 and this was how shit was back then. You cant change history and people shouldnt bash on it cause it has a bit of slave activity. It would be different if it was a game where you are a slave owner and the goal was to beat your slave for power ups and what not.
TheBlackspot  +   1052d ago
I think the game handled the history of racism in a very smart way. I wasn't offended the least bit. If anything, they were light handed on how truly racist it was in 1912. It's the video games with all the jive talking, hulking black dudes with gold teeth that are offensive. Provided race issues are in proper context, I don't think there's a problem.
TheOneEyedHound  +   1052d ago
Zachery CumShot.
_FantasmA_  +   1052d ago
Why does it count as racism when its against blacks? I don't hear any other race crying or any other race being felt sorry for from whites? Get over it. None of you were slaves or slaveowners and none of you know/knew anyone who was. Stop living in the past and expecting some kind of apology for what old farts living in the dirt did.
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imsocool1234  +   1052d ago
How does a game make someone racist? Nice logic there to the writer of this article.
AKS  +   1052d ago
I feel dumber having read this "article." I noticed a curious phenomenon that all of the friends I have who are into gaming are interested in Bioshock Infinite, yet not a single one has started making tasteless racist jokes. To the contrary, they understand the context and appreciate that the racist propaganda of yesteryear is not sugar coated.

Perhaps the author should get a bit more selective with his circle of friends. Perhaps consider excluding racists. And excluding complete morons. I think you'll see an almost instantaneous improvement in your conversations.

In addition, discussing the history of racism does not make a person or a game racist. Saying the word "racism" does not make a person racist. Nor would having racism in a movie, TV show, or video make people who watch it racist. Do you think that fact that I've seen Roots made me hate black people? Try using some common sense if you're going to discuss an important issue. To the contrary of the aforementioned fallacies, discussing issues of race in a constructive, informed manner, along with interaction with a diverse group of people, consistently makes people LESS racist. Social psychologists have been studying these issues for decades, and there's a lot of data in peer-reviewed studies backing this up.
thebudgetgamer  +   1052d ago
Everything is offensive to someone.
ginsunuva  +   1052d ago
Guys, stop using logic and intellect. It's not good for you.
VitaOwner  +   1052d ago
Im also Black and I absolutely love the game! Hell you kill KKK members in the game, so it's not like the game glorifies racisn, it is just being historically accurate.
Bonerboy  +   1052d ago
I dont like the title..its racist.
I dont like you...I'm racist.
You dont like're racist.
I only get to kill white people in games...these games are racist.
Their shoelaces are a specific colour...they're racist.

You don't like the fact that this game touches on historical facts and attitudes of the period? Too bad, suck it up moron. What next, an article about how the entire history of the swastika is utterly evil and any portrayal of the symbol is clearly racist?

Yet another stupid fing article about supposed "inappropriate racism" in games.

You're an idiot and I am racist to idiots.
Freddy_Millz1  +   1051d ago
Oh ok, I thought it was just me. Me being half black and half native, me playing games over the years has really made me want to get out and kill white ppl for what has been done to both sides of my family tree. Im so glad i can go out and act on this now that its ok for others to be MADE racist from games and movies now....

Shut the f*ck up, GROW the f*ck up and find yourself a better hobby if this is all it takes for u to be TURNED into a racist! You either are raised one or you are trained to be one. You dont just get the hint over the course of a few hours a day and now ur full blown racist....this aint AIDS we're talking about here.

God, the internet makes for some stupid $hlt, i swear.

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