Black Ops 2 In-Depth: Overview of Pistols

Pistols are often underrated or completely forgotten in Black Ops 2. The game has several powerful handguns to choose from. In this edition of Black Ops 2 In-Depth we go over the advantages and disadvantages of each of the game's pistols.

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BattleReach1877d ago

New pistol coming with DLC2 Uprising.

pissed9991877d ago

Call Of Duty has no depth lol.

lnvisibleMan1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ pissed999
Just like every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Heisenburger1877d ago

Except for Kindergarten Cop you mean.

up2snuff1877d ago

Completely forgotten in BO2??????? Yeah, nobody ever uses the OP pistols....nobody. :0

Alduin1877d ago

Plenty of people don't use them. Some, like myself, have classes that don't even have a secondary.