JRPG’s - Why Their Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Ever since the release of Dragon Quest back in 1986, Japanese Role-Playing Games have been on the up and loved by millions. Praised for their stories and memorable characters, it has been a genre that has managed to emit all kinds of emotion in gamers worldwide. However despite all of that, JRPG’s have been written off in the past few years as a genre on its deathbed with no real hope of returning to its former glory.

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kalkano1885d ago

While I understand what he's saying, the number of quality JRPGs this gen, compared to last gen, is miniscule. He listed a mere 4.

Lost Odyssey was barely played, because it's for X360. I'm not trying to be all "PS fanboy". XBOX has never been the place for JRPGs, and Lost Odyssey is an orphan on it. The target audience is not there.

I was happy to see Ni No Kuni even be made, but I have no interest in it. I was only happy, because I was/am hoping for a JRPG revival. The game itself is just not my style (kiddy, and Pokemon-esque).

Last Story was great, and I own Xenoblade (but haven't gotten to it yet).

1883d ago
WildArmed1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

JRPGs have been lacking on HD consoles this gen. I've played about 10 JRPGs, only few of them were quality titles.

I've been playing ni no kuni, and it def. reminded me how lacking this gen has been this gen. Initially, I didn't like the 'kid' cast of characters too. But after playing the game, I can see why they did it.

animegamingnerd1885d ago

i think JRPG'S are slowly making a come back with great sales of ni no kuni and xenoblade and of course persona 4 golden being the highest rated game of 2012

kalkano1885d ago

Xenoblade could have sold SO much better, if they made more copies.

animegamingnerd1885d ago

and not make a gamestop exclusive

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KShinigami1885d ago

The genre obviously hasn't died but has not been as successful in recent years, due to not innovating imo.

3-4-51885d ago

It's mostly due to this:

When they find a good idea...they never use it again. They think that their next idea will be just as good and they try to innovate when they just need to refine.

There is tons of creativity in refining something if you know what you are doing.

It's like EX:

We like A..thanks for make A...give us another A...

Company proceeds to abandon everything good about A and only keep the annoying things and they make B, which is about half as good as A.

We tell them they messed up and we don't like B at all, we forgive you but don't screw up again.

They then give us B2.

^ That is the problem and no I'm not just talking about applies to 70% of all genres.

Kratoscar20081885d ago

The genre is living and kicking in Handhelds, the console JRPGs are the one dying.

kalkano1885d ago

In a way, it's like we're still playing PS2 JRPGs, for that very reason.

Kratoscar20081884d ago

In my case im glad because i have my PS2 and im just getting into the SMT whole fanchise:

SMT 3 Nocturne
DDS 1 & 2
Raidou 1&2

Pretty great games that is a shame most people have missed.

WildArmed1883d ago

Agreed, I wish it'd transition to HD consoles thou.

KittyEmperor1885d ago

Did not realize that jrpg's are dying. I mean I only have about 5 or 6 of them preordered this year alone.

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