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Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshots, Not Much Difference in Graphics?

Battlefield 4 demo that was showcased at GDC 2013 was running on PC powered by AMD Radeon HD 7990 ‘Malta’ video card (the world’s fastest video card). We have few comparison screenshots between Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 (both PC versions) showcasing visuals and graphics difference between the two games. (Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

pissed999  +   882d ago
Pc defeats pc. Big superior time.
M-M  +   882d ago
Something is seriously wrong with you lol.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   882d ago
You only noticed?? That Schwarzennegar guy with semen on his face is a hardcore PC fan. He always say, "PC wins suck it console gamers"!! in comment sections whenever I find him. There's no console in this article so there is nothing for him to bash but another PC LOL!!
slayorofgods  +   881d ago
A lot of disagrees people obviously like the pc over the Pc...
ATi_Elite  +   881d ago
The Frostbite engine looks better in motion.

Wait for 1080p HD video to do proper comparison.
Theo1130  +   882d ago
Why wouldn't just compare video of each game, most games never look good in screenshots. Bf4 obviously looks great, but I'm still not interested in BF singleplayer unless it's the BC crew.
Crazyglues  +   882d ago
yeah here is a good video of the comparison - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I felt like he covered it well... if you have not see it - this is a good one.

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M-M  +   882d ago
Well there are similarities, but without a doubt BF4 looks better. BF4 has some amazing effects if you actually look at the gameplay(particles, lighting etc.).
JasonXS12  +   882d ago
From what I saw, the water, animations, facial features and particle effects from smoke and fire and lighting definitely looked better than BF3. To me the environment textures looked like they're reused from BF3.
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coolmast3r  +   882d ago
Yeah, FB3 is clearly more powerful tool than FB2. Starting from a dramatic increase of detail to the superior lighting system. Looks very promising.
GABRIEL1030  +   882d ago
B3 is an incredible game I enjoyed a lot ( I'm Premium) and B4 looks great. The problem is that the two games are ambiented in the same sceneries, with same vehicles, colors palette, weapons, textures and the same awfull story of 4 men against two armies russians and Chinese..... you can shoot down a chopper with a grenade launcher ...ridiculous! ......I saw a lot of COD gameplay here ......nehhh.. I liked B3 because is very tactical and every combat must be planned. The demo looks like a generic fps.....for now I'll pass, lets see the multiplayer.
mamotte  +   882d ago
Well, its not like you can make a big difference between two FPS military games. It's only black/white/brown after all.
Lockon  +   882d ago
You have to understand theres not suppose to be a huge different in the graphics. BF3 basically build the foundation to future Battlefield graphics.

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