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Many worlds have been forged by a near-omnipotent Creator, but Ancaria is unique in that it was brought into existence without the Creator's knowledge or effort. The Creator was aided in his efforts by legions of seraphim until the seraphim stole a portion of the Creator's energy and used it to forge a world of their own – Ancaria. To punish the affront, the Creator banished all the seraphim to Ancaria. They were ordered to protect their own creation, with the Creator promising only to return when the seraphim managed to unite all of Ancaria's races in peace.

This was not to be, and the seraphim suffered their comeuppance. The High Elves, themselves a creation of the seraphim, seized upon the creative energy embedded in Ancaria and became the unquestioned rulers of the land. This led to a horrific civil war in which the high elves opposed seraphim. That war may have been resolved, splitting the elves and Ancaria's residents into many factions, but now a new war is on the horizon, and the tide of battle will depend upon the action of a few heroes. Or perhaps, individuals with darker intentions.

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