Black Ops 2 In-Depth: Overview of Launchers

Many players tend to not think about what advantages their secondary weapon in Black Ops 2 can give them. Launchers have a couple of different uses that can not only rack up kills but also rack up points toward your scorestreaks. This edition of Black Ops 2 In-Depth focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of the different launchers found in BO2.

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SecretPsycho1724d ago

Just a tip..The SMAW can one shot any low aircraft if you fire without locking on making it pretty dam useful x3

Alduin1724d ago

Wasn't aware of this. If it works, that's pretty awesome. I'll have to check that out.

SecretPsycho1724d ago

Trust me it works....nothing better then taking a gunship the second it enters the map XD

up2snuff1724d ago

Here's my overview on launchers......they should ONLY be for shooting down air support, not free fire SMAW's/RPG's or Noobtubes. The game is instantly better. That is all.

Alduin1724d ago

True that. But we are describing a perfect world. Unfortunately it's still gonna happen lol.

SecretPsycho1724d ago

Lucky no one use launchers for that then x3
And even if they did...welp got flak jacket on so your dead XD

ambientFLIER1722d ago

Unless you only play hardcore like I do.....flack jacket won't do anything.