Hideo Kojima explains why David Hayter is not in Metal Gear Solid V

While Metal Gear fans are excited this week with Metal Gear Solid V announced, many are displeased that Naked Snake/Big Boss will not be played by the character's longtime voice actor David Hayter, who wasn't even contacted about the project.

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NastyLeftHook01849d ago

taking david out of metal gear was like taking out arnold in terminator and putting that skinny b*tch in.

Yi-Long1849d ago

... we would just get the option to play the game with the original japanese voices!

It's 2013!!! It's on BR!!! Just give us the option!

BiggCMan1849d ago

I'm getting a little tired of hearing this. I love Hayter, he is still amazing even today. HOWEVER, he is NOT Metal Gear, Kojima is Metal Gear. I understand how important he is to Snake just as much as the next fan, but I will never lose faith with Kojima at the helm.

He obviously understands how much we love Hayter, and he will do everything in his power to not let us down with the new voice actor. What remains the most important aspects of this game are the story, and how ambitious Kojima wants to get with the new game play mechanics.

NastyLeftHook01849d ago

i think rise of the machines

DragonKnight1849d ago

@BiggCMan: Kojima may be Metal Gear Solid, but he's not a part of the experience, Hayter is. A difference in the voice acting will be very noticeable, and for more than a few it will sour the experience. There will forever be a "what if" stigma attached to MGS5. It's the same with every iconic character in any game, movie, or story. When you make a fundamental shift, you risk a backlash because you took the time to build this foundation around a character (and in this case, a very noticeable voice) and then decide to toss all of that out on a whim.

From the way Kojima describes it, this is a recreation. In other words, yet another reboot. Reboots are the trend, an unfortunate fad, and one thing can be said for certain about almost all reboots. They will never be so positively seen as the original. Hayter will always be Snake (Naked or Solid) and he's what fans have come to expect and partly respect about the franchise. His absence will be noticed, and Kojima will hear about it, because many will feel the experience has been lessened for them. That's just what happens when you build things up and randomly change them.

GuyThatMakesSense1849d ago


"A difference in the voice acting will be very noticeable"

Not me nor anyone I personally know had noticed the different voice actor. I think I kind of understand but don't sour the experience just because of that. Something must've happened. It obviously didn't happened just because. But I personally won't let such a trivial thing ruin it for me.

Kurylo3d1849d ago

Hayters voice is snakes personality. This is obviously an issue where hayter asked for more money and kojima told him to screw himself.

Gaming1011849d ago

I don't trust Kojima's judgement one bit. In case anyone doesn't remember, it was his judgement that led to that whiny bitch Raiden becoming the main character of MGS2. If Kojima was capable of such bad judgement before before he's definitely capable of ruining the next game by changing the entire MGS universe by making Kiefer Sutherland the main voice actor for 3 different characters in the game.

Kojima doesn't understand Western audiences, as displayed with MGS2. You can't just change a main character, shove new characters/voice actors down everyone's throat and expect them to just automatically accept whatever you throw at them.

Peppino71849d ago

It's not the end of the world but it's slightly disappointing when you become accustomed and expect to relive the nostalgia of a certain character.

Bathyj1849d ago

I think hes talking about the destroyer of good TV shows.

The Curse of Summer Glau.

Dir_en_grey1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

From the trailer Big Boss had an terrible injury and was in the coma for 9 years.

It won't be weird if the injury changed his voice.

Anyway Hayter's been yapping a little too much for my taste anyway. Creating polls or what not and tried to use the public to force Konami to hire him, be it the script for the movie or staring in the movie and now MGSV.

So what if they decide to not hire you, be more professional about it.
Maybe that unprofessionalism is the reason Konami doesn't want to work with him anymore.

MikeMyers1849d ago

"What we're trying to accomplish here is recreate the Metal Gear series. It's a new type of Metal Gear game, and we want to have this reflected in the voice actor as well."

Then why is it called Metal Gear Solid V and not a reboot or a different title?


all i gotta say is... IF the character is "Solid snake" and it is not voiced by david hayter which in the minds of million IS solid snake this is a huge mistake... BUT we know kojima and we have yet to know exactly who the character is...

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thereapersson1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It's more like the time Ubisoft decided Micheal Ironside wasn't going to be in the next Splinter Cell game. THAT pissed a lot of people off.

Still, this is a different game. Maybe for a future game there will be the option to use Hayter again in a later game.

Eamon1849d ago

I think what this smells like is that Kojima never liked Hayter's voice for a while now. Or perhaps since the beginning.

The Konami localization team is responsible for casting so Kojima probably just let it go on for a while until he thought he could find the ripe opportunity to change the actor.

I honestly think that with enough pressure, they will bring back Hayter.

Irishguy951849d ago

Hmm, well I don't agree since he's gonna be an older big boss and we've already had Old snake and Big boss talking - Same VA = Weird.

But the reasoning Kojima gives makes no sense...Whats wrong with Hayter? Nothing at all - The iconic voice isn't going to affect how the game will be 'new'/

maddfoxx1849d ago

Last year David Hayter said himself that he wont be returning to the series. Maybe he just doesn't want to do it anymore.

Eamon1849d ago

maddfoxx, that is untrue. He is big fan of the MGS series. He never said he won't be returning. He did a poll to see how people would react if he didn't return.

Basically, he probably thought the usual timeframe that casting takes place in the development cycle of the game had already come, yet he was never contacted. So he had already suspected he may have been dropped but didn't want to start any issue about it.

MariaHelFutura1849d ago

I think Kojima is trolling and David Hayter is in the game.

madara0sama1849d ago

Yeah. There's going to be multiple Snakes in this game.


I'd take female nudity over the flashes of Arnold's balls anyday. XD

As for this... it depends on how they execute it. Once you hear the new voice actor then you can make your verdict. You've heard David Hayter for the past 15 years... it's time for a switch up though I hope they don't navigate to far from what he established.

Root1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

So he did it for nothing

Wht the f***

Fair enough if he changed the japanese voice actor or a reboot but they havent done that

Japanese developers are so out of touch with their fanbase.

If Solid Snake ever came back I would like David to be Snake.....but all Snakes from here on just no.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Are you serious? you do know Arnold Schwarzenegger IS a terminator in T3: Rise of the machines, right?. The fact is he was helping instead of destroying this time.. almost exactly like in T2. The woman was just another Terminator, on a different mission.

Plus Terminator 3 was a good film, it had some nice action scenes.. i don't see why some people seem to hate it, sure T2 is better but T3 is very good.. certainly better than the one with CGI arnie.

jammy_701849d ago

What about the other characters? I hope the guy who voiced ocelot in mgs3 is in 5 aswel... And maybe Eva etc...

Monstar1849d ago

How, Solid snake isn't in this? MGS4 had boss with a different voice actor. Yes he is a clone but this way it sets him apart from solid snake and gives him his own appeal. Stop crying.

Lykon1849d ago

I have no idea who DH is. Never heard of him . I just play video games. what is all this complicated stuff people talk about here? Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Joe9131848d ago

People crying because the original voice actor will not be back for the new game.

Red_Devilz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

never mind.....wrong place to comment

FreydaWright1849d ago

Has anyone visited David Hayter's website? Can anyone confirm if this mysterious video was posted recently?

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theEx1Le1849d ago

Makes no sense if this is the reason. They aren't changing the Japanese voice actor so I smell BS.

AHall881849d ago

From what I hear the Japanese voice actor is actually extremely good. Hayter? Hasn't be good since MGS1.

Kurylo3d1849d ago

please elaborate. Cause that statement has no logic to it.

Kran1849d ago

Who are you?

What are you doing here?


:) /s

AHall881849d ago

Go back and replay/listen to MGS1 and tell me Hayter's voice hasn't gotten worse, it's really amazing how different he sounds now.
Not saying I hate the guy, he just doesn't have the voice anymore.

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Monstar1849d ago

and big bosses voice in mgs4?

Prcko1849d ago

kojima thanks for your projects,but i won't follow snake without hayter voice.
see ya on ps5(if you bring hayter back ofc)

TXIDarkAvenger1849d ago

I thought Snake isn't in this game? If Hayter voiced Big Boss, it would sound just like Snake. I guess they had to set a difference between the two characters. Unless of course Kojima is just trolling us again.

porkChop1849d ago

Big Boss is Naked Snake, Hayter Voiced him in Snake Eater, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker.

wolokowoh1849d ago

Richard Doyle voiced Big Boss in MGS4, but as stated by porkChop, David Hayter has already played Big Boss on multiple occasions. It wouldn't make sense to replace when he's willing to work.

Eamon1849d ago

Guys, Richard Doyle voiced Big Boss because he is in bloody late 80s.

Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss, so naturally it makes sense if they happened to have the same voice.

TXIDarkAvenger1849d ago

Yeah, I understand that Hayter voiced him previously but in MGS4 he did not because they needed a distinction between the two characters. Oh well, it doesn't bother me, Hayter and Richard Doyle did a good job, I don't mind which ever one it is.

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Donnieboi1849d ago

Bye then. U won't be missed.

theDECAY1848d ago

Agreed. If the game is good. I'll buy it, play it, and love it. Metal gear is metal gear! I honestly didn't like Hayter's voice past MGS3.

-Gespenst-1849d ago

Hmmmmmm, I wonder to what extent he intends to "recreate" MGS beyond the voice actor for Snake? Obviously, in typical MGS fashion, the trailer was pretty batshit, but I wonder... The inclusion of a more realistic voice actor suggests the games might become a little bit more generic.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, a lot of fiction these days is returning to genre, but with more sophistication and intellgence. I think of Cormac McCarthy's The Road- apocalyptic fiction, but very much a different take on it; a much more sophisticated and serious take on it in fact. Maybe Kojima can pull it off. Shame to see Hayter leave leave though.

Donnieboi1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

In his interview with Geoff Keighley, Kojima said that he doesn't want to reveal who the voice actor is, however he hinted that it was important to him that this person do the voice.

ONE possible theory, for me, is that MAYBE the guy doing the voice is the same guy who will BE Snake in the new MGS movie. Maybe that's why he doesnt wanna say his name. I mean, if it's just some random other voice actor, why not just say his name? If u listen very carefully to the voice, I think it kinda sounds like Hugh Jackman whenever he plays Wolverine.

Seriously, go on youtube and compare the voice Big Boss has at the end of the trailer, with that of Hugh Jackman. Maybe that is why he wanted to keep the voice a secret, until he reveals who the movies actor is (whether it's Jackman or whoever else).

Just a theory. But listen to the voices before judging me. I don't like it, but it could be possible that the voice actor and the films actor are one in the same.

Toon_Link1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

That's a really good theory, It's too bad I'll miss Hayter for sure.

I really hope the new VO doesn't throw everything off, I'm trying to be optimistic but similar to My Neighbor Totoro I can't handle watching it with the Disney actors voicing it. My main hope is since its a new story it won't be as jarring as watching a movie you already know.

forcefullpower1849d ago

Hugh Jackman would be awesome as a voice actor.

Donnieboi1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


Hugh Jackman WOULD make a cool Solid Snake in a movie, but as for being Snake's voice-over in a game--I don't think his voice is strong enough. But if it is him, we'll see with time.

But either way, whoever is the new Snake V/O, it likely will also be the movie actor...based on the specific ways that Kojima dodges the questions while still being stubbornly adamant about still keeping this new V/O actor (who I must admit is decent, but can't old a candle to Hayter's Snake).

HeavenlySnipes1849d ago

Wth so he did it for no reason :/

NBT911849d ago

No. There's a reason. We just don't know the reason yet.
It might just be that Kojima wanted to change things a bit but this is Hideo Frikin' Kojima we are talking about... I don't think Konami would have done this without expecting huge fan backlash. It just doesn't make sense, doesn't add up.

Either Hayter is in the game as someone else or... I dunno but I do know that it would be foolish of them to switch for no decent reason.