Hands On with Diablo III's PS3 Version l Entertainment Fuse

While it obviously controls less traditional, the console version of Diablo III does deliver. It looks and sounds like Diablo, but Blizzard took this PC experience and retailored it to be a pretty good console game without much sacrifice. In addition to a good conversion, Blizzard has reconfirmed that the console version of the game will not require a consistent online connection nor will it have either versions of the Auction House, two bits that unsettled many players of the PC version. Expect Diablo III to hit the PS3 (and perhaps the PS4) later this year.

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BLow1910d ago

Sounds good and I can't wait!

Anthotis1910d ago

It's infinitely better than the PC version because it doesn't have bullshit always online DRM.

I hope whoever thought that was fair gets AIDs.

Saleem1011910d ago

Waiting for ps4 version...

GribbleGrunger1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

You never know ... The developers might want their money up front and so offer Cross-buy. This would garner good sales on PS3 and I don't think it would effect profits very much at all when it finally releases on the PS4.

Oschino19071910d ago

That's what I am hoping for but will prob get it for both either way. As for expansions and what not I will prob wait to get it on PS4 only if it isn't cross buy.

I can def see myself playing through it multiple times between local and online co-op. Maybe even go old school and play through on single player.

Tetsujin1910d ago

Wishful thinking is a Vita version that has cross game save like Retro City Rampage. However I do plan on buying this for the PS4.

guitarded771910d ago

But PS4 will have remote play with the Vita, so they shouldn't need cross-buy next gen.

ironmonkey1910d ago

is this not coming for 360??