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Battlefield 4 PS3, Xbox 360 charge to top pre-order sales

EA Inc.’s Battlefield 4 charged to top pre-order sales at GameStop Corp.’s online division this week post release of a 17-minute trailer. (Battlefield 4, PS3, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   789d ago
Duh? What systems did you expect

no one owns a PS4, or Xbox 720 yet
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thechosenone  +   788d ago
Think I'll get it for PS4 first and later on on PC when it drops in price.
black911  +   788d ago
Gamers with nothing else better to do. So they Go out and Pre-order a game months before releases.
wishingW3L  +   789d ago
I feel bad for the poor souls thinking that the PS3/Xbox version will look anywhere close to the demo. lol
cyguration  +   789d ago
It's worse yet when they try to defend why somehow new-gen tech running on near decade-old hardware is still a good thing.
SlyFoxC  +   789d ago
or maybe people just preordered with intent to switch their order to PS4 or 720.

I feel bad for you not having the ability to use common sense
thechosenone  +   788d ago
I feel sorry for the poor souls that have to upgrade their PCs in order to get the game to look like it did in the demo.
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Avernus  +   789d ago
I'm holding out to get the PS4 version of BF4. PS3 is just going to be 12v12 again...zzzzzzz
finbars75  +   789d ago
Thats exactley what Im doing.I would prefer to wait it out.If the game comes out for both consoles and there both the exact same why bother putting out new hardware if your not utalizing it.I really think this is a bad idea from Dice to do this and for EA for basically turning into the biggest douche bag Publisher in the world.We want to see BF4 running the way its meant to be run not another 12v12 minor destructability shitty character models and mediocre lighting.I really think its time to start playing the PC for games just so I truely feel like im playing games the way they were meant for us to play
trenso1  +   788d ago
yea i refuse that 12v12 game big maps are boring on consoles

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