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New Destiny Footage and Why I Just Can't Seem to Care

Virtual Katz Writes: I understand that I am probably in the minority here. Bungie yesterday put forth another trailer for their upcoming title, Destiny, at the Game Developers Conference showing off a little bit more about the characters of the game. The majority of what we have seen up to this point has shown off the land of Destiny and the basic scenery for the game. Sony even went as far as bringing the game out for the PlayStation 4 reveal, in showing off what the game could do and on top of that, it would be a cross-platform title. All of this hype for probably one of the most anticipated games of the year and possibly next, pending the release date, but as I sit here and look at everything that has been presented by Bungie, I just don’t care. No matter how hard I try to get interested in the game, I just can’t seem to pull myself to have any excitement for the game. Destiny has shown off an incredible visual feat to this point, as the game looks incredible and the scale and sheer mass of the playable area is impressive, and that’s understating. Believe me, its not easy sitting here on the other side of the fence, from all the cool kids that are itching with excitement, knowing that everyone and their brother will be playing the game, but here I am wondering what all the hype is about and here is why. (Bungie, Destiny, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ArchangelMike  +   756d ago
I know what you mean, I think really it's just because I'm not into MMO's and it's coming across as just another MMO, but for consoles. There will be a pricing structure when Destiny comes out, which would put me off even more.
fermcr  +   755d ago
I agree. I'm not hyped by Destiny. Just not in to MMO's or suchlike games. Didn't like WOW, Diablo 3 (PC version), Simcity... or similar games with all that social crap.

I'm more into single player games.

The only multiplayer games i play are quick in and out games like call of duty or battlefield series.
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Muffins1223  +   755d ago
Not really,for dlc yea but it wont have a paid subscription
SilentNegotiator  +   754d ago
I think the biggest issue is that they stretched out the mystery thing too far/long. People are ready to see a GAME, not "Bungie" next to another vague concept art. That's what has me lukewarm about the game...we haven't been SHOWN a game yet.
JasonXS12  +   755d ago
I'm in the same boat. I just can't get hyped for a game based on concept work. What will get me excited is long gameplay videos to demonstrate the game.

Might be a bad example but it's like seeing a picture of a sexy girl on Facebook but when you meet them in real life, they aren't that great.
Nafon  +   755d ago
Lol. great analogy. I feel the same way. I have always enjoyed halo and considered myself a Bungie fanboy, but when i noticed i couldn't care less about destiny, i realized that I wasn't actually a bungie fanboy lol...
rezzah  +   755d ago
Its a huge open world (not bad) and is a FPS (ToT).

Also I dislike the pricing system of MMOs. Very lame.
kevnb  +   755d ago
I can't hyped because of their attitude. They barely show us anything but keep telling us how awesome they are. Not only that they have the nerve to insult PC gaming as if they already killed it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   755d ago
Yeah I know what you mean, in the first trailer they were blowing their own trumpet so to speak going on about how amazing Halo is and "how do you top Halo"?
I was like come on guys that's you're own game you're bragging about there's no need for it. You don't hear the Naughty Dog team making the Last Of Us bragging about Uncharted and how could they possibly beat it.
Dms2012  +   755d ago
I think Bungie has sorely misjudged what console gamers like to play, but moreover the game simply doesn't look all that interesting.
ironfist92  +   755d ago
Generic is the best I could think of when watching the videos.

As for the MMO aspect? No thanks, id rather immerse myself in amazing single player experiences
Baka-akaB  +   755d ago
There isnt even a game there to be remotely interested . THe art looks good but so what ? Show a game and i'll maybe care
MysticStrummer  +   755d ago
They've talked enough about it so you should know what kind of game it is. I'm extremely interested.
Baka-akaB  +   755d ago
It's not about what kind of game it is . It's about showing a bit of the game itself .

They arent forced to tease that much with mostly concept art
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   755d ago
Don;t know about you guys but this game is totally on wait and see well after its launch...

They are really trying to sell it as not an MMO but that is all it comes across as..

FPSMMO with that there will one or two things or even both.

Micro Transactions and Subscriptions... With either of these there is no way I am getting this game...

I hate either models of Micro Transactions and Subscription in games...
DonkeyWalrus  +   755d ago
There will be no subscription fee for Destiny.
ALLWRONG  +   755d ago
They should just make another FPS and not an MMO.
e-p-ayeaH  +   755d ago
The game looks interesting to me for 3 reasons:

- open world gameplay (co-op and versus quests/matches might be implemented)
- customizable weaponry (next gen borderlands probably coming soon)
- great visuals,sounds and controls (60fps gameplay)

Its just looks like the kinda game worth paying 60$ on.
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BLow  +   755d ago
Thank you my thoughts exactly. The way I see it is that its like Borderlands but on a much more grand scale. It's almost the same type of game but it will have Bungie's flavor put on it. But some how this is a bad thing according to some.

I do want to see more of the game and what I've heard so far sounds promising. That's why there is more than 1 game on the shelf because there is a little thing called CHOICE. If you don't like this game then don't buy it but now days we need to make an article about it. WHY???? I really miss the old days sometimes....
_-EDMIX-_  +   750d ago
I think what is making this game such a great concept has to do with there not being a FPS MMO of this style on any platform.....ever. Another thing to note is the scale of most MMO's have not been put in FP view before. The concept of actually traveling in a custom ship, you bought or helped build is even cooler. I think the few that don't like Destiny is because they can't see the actually possibilities with this title. I see 100% where they are going with this and its pretty awesome. Its a day 1 on PS4 for me.
cleft5  +   755d ago
Bungie is attempting to pull a Halo. Only this time instead of bringing a highly polished fps game to console, they are trying to bring a highly polished MMO to console. Bungie can spin it all they want, but Destiny is nothing more than another fps mmo game and they aren't the first one to make this type of game.

The only question is if they can connect with this audience for this project. If any company can, it will be Bungie. Only time will tell if they are successful, but I have no use for this game. I am not so sure Bungie has proved to me that they can make an amazing story based fps game. The best Halo games where Halo 1 and Halo 4. Halo 2 was meh and Halo 3 failed to deliver in many places. Halo 1 was really good and Halo 4 brought the series back to it's high standards storywise. Only time will tell if Destiny is great or not.
e-p-ayeaH  +   755d ago
what your talking about!? halo 2 totally kicks arse! Quite an improvement over the first game in maps and weapon variety.

Halo 1 is still a phenomenal game nonetheless.
GABRIEL1030  +   755d ago
For me the best Halo ever is Halo Reach, was an incredible game full of action, heroism and sacrifice.
MysticStrummer  +   755d ago
"Bungie can spin it all they want, but Destiny is nothing more than another fps mmo game and they aren't the first one to make this type of game."

So they should make another traditional FPS, a genre that has many thousands of titles in it already?
GABRIEL1030  +   755d ago
I'm very interested in this game because is a new IP and It's from Halo's creator. Like PS4, Bungie is showing a little information every week to mantain the secret and the expectative. Is a long way until the Ps4 launch and It's too early to show a game that is very ambitious, deep and complex to develop.

I'll buy this game with PS4...
MysticStrummer  +   755d ago
Wow I can't believe the number of people who say they aren't interested in Destiny. That's bizarre to me. Destiny is the most interesting game I've seen in quite awhile. You guys just want another regular FPS? Aren't there enough of those???
TekoIie  +   755d ago
The issue is that we have nothing to judge. Nothing to compare to what we're used to.

Concept art tends to give us a glorified idea of what a game will look like but once we see it up and running we can get a real idea of what our money can get us and if we're satisfied with what's in the package.

I am personally looking forward to it! Am i hyped? Not really. Simply because I dont actually know what the game looks/plays like. This sort of marketing feels like a "we need to throw something out here to remain relevant and generate some brand awareness" which is a shame.

It also looks like they're relying on their legacy with Halo to bring in hype which at the moment isn't really working. But again, I look forward to seeing gameplay.
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OrionNoctis  +   755d ago
im quite excited for the game and glad its multiplat , dont feel like paying microsoft to experience what developers wish the consumers to experience...
i think its gona be a awesome game , for what i saw and what Bungie inspirations were it seems quite awesome...
Blacklash93  +   755d ago
It's hard to be excited because we've barely seen anything about it and even Bungie has said what we're seeing and some of what's being promised now could change in the future.
zbg31610  +   755d ago
I really like the art of the environments. But the character models just look cheesy and like they are for 8 year olds... The new characters are definitely not as cool as Spartans.
urwifeminder  +   755d ago
Im very excited but i understand what you mean, games like dishonored and bioshock are like sleeping pills for me lots of gamers have different taste which is a good thing.
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adonisisfree  +   754d ago
I have a feeling destiny may break a lot of peoples hearts.

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