Nvidia Discusses Shield, Grid, and the GeForce Titan GPU (2D-X)

As PC gaming becomes increasingly popular thanks to games like League of Legend, services like Steam, and the platform’s overall convenience, PC peripheral/accessory/component manufacturers have stronger presence at gaming conventions. Nvidia had a strong showing at this years PAX East with a prodigious booth that featured the portable Shield handheld and gaming rigs powered by the company’s new Titan GPU.

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KingPin1879d ago

wow all of that and yet people who buy the next gen consoles will get to play the exact same games smoothly.
<yes i know it wont be in ultra super high Definition but il get to play multiplats and console exclusives. the trade off is worth it. i dont know about you guys but i play games not graphics>

Letros1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

There are a lot more incentives to owning a nice PC than ultra super HD, some people just prefer the control schemes, or freedom of an open platform, or certain games such as RTS/MMO/F2P/Sim/Indie Kickstarters that just are not available on consoles. League of Legends is the most played game in the world...

Should Nvidia and AMD stop progressing GPU tech because you're ok with a console? I would hope not

CGI-Quality1879d ago

Agreed. I play most of my multiplats on PC, because.....yes, I can customize graphics (modding too), and the kb + m combo feels much more intuitive (for me).

That doesn't stop console purchases, however.

FlyingFoxy1879d ago

Right there, 1080p and 60fps is best or even 120fps for those with 120hz screens.

Ultra hd or whatever, with 2-3 monitors produce bad framerates on even dual or even triple card setups, a lot of games struggle to get 30-40fps near 4k resolution i've seen benchmarks. For the cost the performance is awful, i'd much rather have 1080p with almost guaranteed 60fps or over with just a single high end card, at least until they fix micro stuttering on dual cards.

hellvaguy1879d ago

" i dont know about you guys but i play games not graphics"

You just contradicted yourself. If you aren't interest in graphics, then why are you getting next gen? Works out convienant for fanboys like this whenever they can spout off about how great next gen graphics will be and on par with pc's.

Then of course, the emergency fail safe, panic button these egotists have when someone points out that next gen consoles are just medium to low end laptop components is: I don't care about graphics, Im here for gameplay. Lol you just cant hold a logical conversation with people this brainwashed. (Mind you I do love both consoles and pc's, but for different reasons).

KingPin1879d ago

amd actually improved their tech. thats why sony and microsoft went with that over nvidia.
i never said they should limit their tech. show me where i said that.

"You just contradicted yourself. If you aren't interest in graphics, then why are you getting next gen? "

do you want me to keep playing games i clocked over and over and over again? even when nobody else is playing online?

are you saying that all console gamers need is one console with a limited games library for the rest of their lives?

Letros1879d ago


You wouldn't have a next gen console if AMD hadn't done R&D to develop that tech, R&D can't be done without income, income can only occur with consumers. Consumers ARE buying this hardware you are slamming(AMD and Nvidia). Without advances in PC, there are no next gen consoles.

SlapHappyJesus1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

It's not all about graphics. Sure, you can play the same games. But, with pc, you get PC's exclusives. Of which there are a metric ton of quality games. You also get the added customization in both the games themselves and how you play them. This is an article about pc tech, though you felt the need to bring up console. That's why, ever since the announcement of the PS4, not a single article's comments section hasn't turned into a PC vs Console shit-fest.

I really just don't see the need of your post.

FlyingFoxy1879d ago

Titan is a waste, here's my reasons.

It's massively overpriced, 2 AMD 7870's are cheaper and stomp it. Too bad micro stuttering still exists though.

Any game that runs poorly on say a GTX 680 is also going to run poor on the Titan, there needs to be a huge gap for it to be worth the cost and the gap is so small it's simply not worth the cost.

I'll be waiting for the proper next cards like AMD 8870 or GTX 780, not these overpriced stop gap cards like Mars and Titan.

Coach_McGuirk1879d ago

it's a gpu solution for people wanting very high performance with cool/quiet operation. These folks will spend big $$ to get it.

ATi_Elite1879d ago

My HD7970 CFX @ 1GHZ set-up blows a Titan out of the water and it DID NOT cost me $1000 and I got Bioshock infinite and Crysis 3 FREE.

I'm not impressed with Shield, Android Games, really? You gotta have a Keplar GPU to stream therefore Nvidia is ONLY marketing to current up to date Nvidia owners leaving out the Millions who own a GTX500 or older GPU.

but I do see a bright future for Nvidia's Grid when they apply it to something else as modeled.

happy with my GTX660ti SLi set-up so I'm NO AMD homer.