Zero Punctuation: Burnout: Paradise

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee takes Burnout: Paradise for a spin.

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Joey Gladstone3728d ago

What can I say about Yahtzee......I really enjoyed his humorous reviews at first, but ever since his horrible Drakes Review it seems like all he really does is simply find a way to bash any game he reviews no matter the quality or great experience of the game.......I would say you are losing your touch Mr.Yahtzee..
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

games4fun3728d ago

his reviews are funny but i dont take them seriously, all he does is find whats wrong with a game and makes fun of it no matter how small, aside from 1 or 2 games.

also when i read he was a developer, you would think he made good games himself which is far from the truth.

i think the reason he talks like that isn't that he is hating on games he is hating on the system that makes the games because of how they usually dont do anything too original which is why he praises psychonauts

raptor3023728d ago

I agree that you shouldn't take hes reviews too seriously but most of the time he tell's the truth, and I disagree with you saying that he didn't make any good game... you should try this one http://www.fullyramblomatic... (and all the sequels) the graphics aren't good but the game is rly fun and has a deep storyline

Bazookajoe_833728d ago

If anyone dont think so im feeling kinda sorry for you, take it for what it is...

Bazookajoe_833728d ago

Then i dont feel that way i suppose =/

v1c1ous3728d ago

so he was funny before he dissed your favorite game?

Joey Gladstone3728d ago

my intention was not to say "Just because he didn't like that game I dont like him" I am speaking on behalf of several of his reviews that just seem to me like he sees only the negative in them, and can go on tantrums about these negative points......but when it comes to the positive aspects he either blatantly ignores them, or only briefly mentions it.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

VirusE3728d ago

He is funny as hell in my opinion but he is a PC fanboy. The only games he seems to offer any praise to are pc games and psychonaughts.

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