Ripten Teases With Motorstorm 2 Capture


"The first trailer for Motorstorm 2 will be revealed to public eyes at 6pm GMT. Sadly reports tell us it's going to be CG, but tell us what you think about this first teaser image."

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Marceles3419d ago

Awww...looks like the trailer will be in CG, it kinda reminds me of the Uncharted trailer but with Motorstorm cars. At least it looks like we'll be able to race in other environments though, which will be awesome. Would be even more funny if they said it was all in-game.

decapitator3419d ago


Damn, that look goods. WANT. WANT.

techie3419d ago

COULD be like most trailers - ingame assets, with added AA (16x), higher resolution, and colour correction. BUT knowing Sony I think they're holding it back for another day :(

decapitator3419d ago

deep, I don't know what you just said but I know one thing, be it in game screen or in game asset or target render, that look very nice.

Marceles3419d ago render would be the more appropriate term. *thinks of Killzone 2, gets semi-excited*

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UnblessedSoul3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Told ya it's CG, nothing to get excited about

although the volcano/forest/water levels and 4 player split screen sounds interesting, it's coming out October apparently as well

techie3419d ago

Well originally it was meant to be part CG, part the MS opening movie...but Sony said "no no, you can't do that stupid, we don't want them to see it yet". Grr. I wonder if Evolution captured real Isalnds in HD like they did with MS1. That'd be cool

Breakfast3419d ago

The new levels will really freshen this game up. The desert got really boring after a while. A snow level would be awesome too.

actas1233419d ago

Holy God. That looks awesome.

spandexxking3419d ago

hurry up and let us watch the clip. im hungry for the storm!

name3419d ago

Evolution: Let's show them in game footage
Sony: No, not yet
Evolution: why not
Sony: The moon needs to align with our window and shine on our clock. The clock must read a number which adds up to 8
Evolution: ?
Sony: :)
Evolution: :(

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The story is too old to be commented.