Rumour: PS3 Public Home Beta To Kick Off This Month?

dbtechno writes:

"It appears that the public beta test for the PlayStation Network's PlayStation Home service is getting ready to kick off in March. PS3 owners are likely going to be able to jump into the world of Home very shortly.

Reports are that many members of the official PlayStation Forums are being notified to link their accounts on the forums with their PlayStation Network accounts.

The e-mail has gone out to members of the Official European PlayStation Forums and is also likely to go out to those in North America as well. We have already received an e-mail from one of our readers that he has received the e-mail from Sony in North America.

The e-mail states that users must link their PlayStation Network account to their PSN user ID before March 16, 2008.

With the PlayStation Network and the Official PlayStation Forums now joining forces, it only makes sense that from this point forward, Sony is getting closer to a public Home beta for all PS3 owners to try out.

Sources are stating that the Home beta could begin as soon as this month, so it could be just a few weeks away!"

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princejb1343751d ago

well its just a rumor can't get my hopes up
but it will be great if it actually happens people would go crazy like finally achievements for the ps3 also

sonarus3751d ago

this is complete BS speculation. It is nice to link all the playstation user names together but that doesn't necessarily mean it has anything to do with home. Could just be a way of determining how many forum posters actually own ps3's

tweaker3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Why would they be doing this to determine if people have PS3's? They're linking PSN accounts with the forum accounts right? Well if you want a PSN account you don't need a PS3. All you do is sign up/register in the PC PSN Store. You can make a valid PSN account there that works on the PS3.

Marceles3751d ago

Nope. Also, many people in the official PS forums also got beta invites without actually owning a PS3.

Blackmoses3751d ago

this would be nice if true

Crotin3751d ago

Not another Home time I see one of these, it better be from

BeaArthur3751d ago

I have never seen so much speculation on one topic. All you ever hear are rumors and pointless conjecture. I'll believe the news when it comes from Sony as well.

JD_Shadow3751d ago

Haven't heard so much speculation on one topic, right?

You should hop onto the GTA4 DLC rumors and speculation stuff...THAT will put any amount of discussion about Home to shame.

iceice1233751d ago

Gamesblow to confirm it?lol mirite guyz?

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The story is too old to be commented.