Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories Coming to PSN Next Week

Next week, look for the collection of downloadable Rockstar classics on PSN to be expanded with Toni Cipriani's and Vic Vance's chapters in the Grand Theft Auto saga - Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. LCS and VCS now join other Rockstar titles from the PS2 era in the PlayStation 2 Classics series that can be downloaded and played on PS3s.

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IronFistChinMi1852d ago

Fantastic news! I've been waiting ages for these, as I've never played them.

Cam9771852d ago

Start with LCS then move onto VCS. LCS is brilliant but VCS adds recruitable gang-members, swimming, human shields, planes & much more.

El_Colombiano1852d ago

I always felt VCS was nothing compared to VC

ape0071852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


I agree 100%, VCS felt dry and "diet" compared to VC, same city but certainly not the same feel

still a nice game though

josephayal1852d ago

Toni Ciprani welcome back

Felonycarclub81852d ago

When are they going to put the ps2 classics on ps vita?

xursz1852d ago

I honestly don't think the psvita is powerful enough to run the ps2 emulator with 100% consistency. Obviously I'd love to be proven wrong.

FlyingFoxy1852d ago

if it's coded for the vita and optimized i don't see why not, when it's hacked properly i think we may see a Dreamcast emulator running prety much full speed at least.

Snookies121852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

PS4. You'll be able to remotely stream PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to your Vita. If what Sony said is true.

Felonycarclub81851d ago

Yeah I guess ill have to wait for the ps4 and gaikai

nevin11852d ago

LCS i have for PS2 and it was good. Might Re play it Sunday.

I had VCS for PSP but I thought they could of done better with the campaign. Still a PSP classic. Might re buy for PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.