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Submitted by halocursed 973d ago | news

DICE On BF4 PS3/360 Versions: “Wouldn’t Sacrifice the Core Experience For Higher Frame-rate”

"DICE's Patrick Bach spoke about the importance of form over function, practical gameplay over pretty visuals following the reveal of the single-player campaign at this year's GDC. It is interesting to know whether the frame rate has been improved for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions or if 30 frames per second would be the norm again." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Neixus  +   973d ago
pretty much confirms that Ps4 / xbox720 will run at 60fps then, would be cool.

But buying it on PC,non the less, but will probably ask my friend who jobs at dice for a ps4 copy so i can play with my friends.
Rashid Sayed  +   973d ago
Well, am not sure about the next Xbox but given that we already know a bit about the PS4 (8GB ram and all), 6FPS at 720P should be achievable on the PS4. If DICE optimize the PS4 version well, then we will get a treat of 1080P/60FPS :D
a08andan  +   973d ago
6 FPS!!? That would be horrible :(.

Naa, I know you meant 60, but couldn't resist ^^
Rashid Sayed  +   973d ago
Sorry! I meant 60 FPS :D
thechosenone  +   973d ago
I hope PS4 gets 60fps @1080p! Please oh please oh please!
gedapeleda  +   973d ago
It's an interactive slide show at 6 fps ;D
Peppino7  +   973d ago
Translation...... we Dont know how to program the game to be 1080 and 60fps so we're gonna say its perfect at 720.
I see the complainers now.... just because the NEED to complain about something.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   973d ago
@Rashid The PS4 and 720 will look the same, end of story.
papashango  +   973d ago
I'm pretty sure this confirms 30fps on ps4 and 720...

how the hell do you get 60fps out of that
gijsbrecht  +   973d ago
Funny, according to me they are almost confirming that on consoles in general, so also for the PS4 and xbox 720, the frame rate is not as important as the BF experience (destruction, vehicles). So 30fps seems almost a certainty. We'll see, I suppose.
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Neixus  +   973d ago
Why the dislikes? are you just jelly that i know a dice employee?

I can prove it, got a signed copy of bf3 limited edt. two days before it was released.
roshi1987  +   973d ago
Jealous of a fool?
LOGICWINS  +   973d ago
Most immature post I've read on N4G in a while.
HammadTheBeast  +   973d ago
At what angle did you bend over for him?
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   973d ago
Looks like a toddler took a marker to it
Qrphe  +   973d ago
Are you 12?
Reverent  +   973d ago
The fact that you're using "jelly" as a term to mean "jealous" just proves that you're in middle school.
Maninja  +   973d ago
Pretty sure you just scribbled all over you limited edition case...
Rockefellow  +   973d ago
No one is jealous; they're disagreeing because you're acting like an arrogant asshole.

I'm surprised you have friends at all.
Neixus  +   973d ago
arrogant? tell me what was arrogant of my top comment?
But seriously, my top comment, is like any other in here ''omg 60 fps confirmed'' but except they get more likes than dislikes.

Can someone explain me why i got the dislikes. (ON THE FIRST COMMENT, ofc i know why you disliked my second one, i'm not a fool) Is it because i said i was getting it on pc? or the matter of fact that i said i'm going to be given a copy for free?

And sorry for my childish second comment, it was just me assuming that you disliked it because of a friendship between me and another normal person, who happens to work at dice. And i just wanted to apply some cold water to burned area.

oh and why the fuck should i have written the autographs myself? although i have to agree that it looks like a child did it :P
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Hassassin  +   973d ago
Why get the shitbox version?? yuck
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   973d ago
***"Can someone explain me why i got the dislikes."***

I'm guessing it's because you said 60fps was pretty much confirmed for next gen consoles.

I doubt people really care that you are getting it for the PC or that you know a dice employee lol.
GraveLord  +   973d ago
No, if anything it confirms 30FPS. The way I interpret this comment is that they wouldn't sacrifice graphics for framerate. Which means they are sacrificing framerate for graphics.
Reverent  +   973d ago
True, but I don't think it's far off to say that the next gen consoles won't be able to handle AT LEAST 60fps, 720p while retaining the experience that DICE wants to give us.
a_squirrel  +   973d ago

Man, how do people not get this. If they're like, hey, we're running at 60fps @ 1080p but we wanted to have 128 players or something crazy. Welp, I guess we can just drop down the framerate to test it.

There. That's what it means.
solar  +   973d ago
aka: it's not possible
Sandmano  +   973d ago
Get one for me with you ;)
arjman  +   972d ago
papashango is right, this suggests 30fps on the PS3/360 versions not 60fps.
Mykky  +   971d ago
The swedish head of DICE confirmed the PS4 would run PS4 at 60FPS and 1080p on the PS4 with the same level of graphics as the PC.
At least that was the answer the norwegian press called got in response when they asked.

If this is true then I'm really impressed!
NastyLeftHook0  +   973d ago
so the ps4 and pc will run 60 fps cool!
CommonSenseGamer  +   973d ago
Sorry, where exactly did you read that?
nthstew  +   973d ago
ps4 may run 60 fps but the graphical fidelity may not be same as in pc.....but who cares of graphics
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Conzul  +   973d ago
Thing though is that PS4's recording chip will be able to take (lossless?) recordings of your gameplay without affecting the actual framerate or performance of the game itself.

On PC, recording your footage (let alone at 60FPS) on highest settings makes your ability to play the game suffer. Respect for PS4 - it might be able to do what my $1500 from 2011 can't.
Statix  +   973d ago
Well, if it really does run at 720p60, then I wouldn't doubt that the PS4 would be able to achieve at least High settings--if not max--when running BF4. Now if it were to run at 1080p, then it would be a different matter. My guess is it would take some serious optimization to get the game at High or Max settings at 1080p running on the PS4 (even at 30fps).

Personally, I would rather have the game run at 720p60 than 1080p30, any day all day, on the PS4. Gameplay fluency always matters over how many pixels are being output to the screen. With some good anti-aliasing (SMAA?) jaggies would be mostly a non-issue anyway.
GABRIEL1030  +   973d ago
Battlefield 3.5 ver....Thanks but I'll more games for this gen for me. Saving for PS4.
CGI-Quality  +   973d ago
Uh, The Last Of Us? Beyond?

OT: Getting it on PC, but I'm excited to see what they accomplish on PS4/X720.
GABRIEL1030  +   973d ago
Oh I forgot¡ Sorry The Last of Us, GTA V and Beyond..sure...
MariaHelFutura  +   973d ago
Metal Gear Solid V!!!!
seanpitt23  +   973d ago
Well I just cannot buy this game on the ps3 they should not even make a current gen version its like half a game compared to the pc version its to gimped down this needs to be on ps4 and next box
MysticStrummer  +   973d ago
If it's anything like BF3, they should sacrifice the huge multiplayer levels. They were waaay too big for the number of players.
ginsunuva  +   973d ago
not on pc hahahah
MysticStrummer  +   973d ago
lol Uh yeah, but once again a PC gamer feels the need to speak up in an article about consoles.

Thanks, Obviousman. You saved the day once again.
Septic  +   973d ago
They should sacrifice the huge multiplayer levels so that PC owners get an inferior experience too? Nice logic there. Remember the roots of the franchise and you'll understand what really is obvious.
MysticStrummer  +   973d ago
When did I say anything about the PC version? smh...

The BF3 multiplayer levels on the current consoles were already smaller than the PC version, so your comment makes no sense, but thanks for playing.
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ape007  +   973d ago
Im interested to see BF4 and Watch Dogs on ps3/360, I want to see actual limitations in AI, Geometry, stuff going on etc... not just less textures and effects like Crysis 3 on consoles, I have yet to feel an actual Generation leap
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Holeran  +   973d ago
In my opinion it had better be 60fps on PS4 and the Nextbox if they really intend to take the console fps crown.
Statix  +   973d ago
""DICE’s Patrick Bach spoke about the importance of form over function, practical gameplay over pretty visuals...""

Form over function? Gameplay over pretty visuals?

If DICE or Patrick Bach thinks 60fps is just "graphics" or "pretty visuals" then he is sorely mistaken. 60fps arguably a gameplay spec, not a graphical one, and is vitally important for a competitive shooter. Having a higher framerate improves the feel of the gameplay, and reduces controller input lag. If improved controller response time isn't gameplay/function, then I don't know what is.

For a competitive shooter, I would take 60fps over 1080p or other extraneous graphical niceties any day of the week. And if DICE/EA is truly serious about not just competing with, but overtaking Call of Duty, they had better start jumping on the 60fps bandwagon as well.

One idea is to have the rendering-intensive single-player campaign run at 30fps, and have the multiplayer mode run at 60fps, where gameplay fluidity and controller response time matters the most. That way, the graphics whores can still get their fix in the single-player mode.
Holeran  +   972d ago
I couldn't agree more. I would take 60fps@720p in a fps anytime over 30fps@1080p. That doesn't translate to every game but in most any fps.
tigertron  +   973d ago
I just hope BF4 is 1080p at 60fps on the PS4.
xursz  +   973d ago
Should be 720p/60fps. If you -REALLY- want that extra res invest in a $800 pc.
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   973d ago
Know what would be cool... optional settings so you could choose what you wanted.

They wouldn't have to drop down to 720p to get 60fps... there are so many resolutions between 720p and 1080p and they can be unscaled by the PS4 and I doubt anyone that's not initiated with true 1080p would notice a difference outside of the fact of how good it looks compared to the sub HD resolutions on 360/PS3.
leogets  +   973d ago
some awesome pre order deals for the ps3 but I want it on ps4,I wonder when they will start pre orders on that platform???
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TemplarDante  +   973d ago
Im am NOT buying Battlefield 3 on PS3 or 360.
I am waiting for the PS4 version.
Im also not buying it twice (PS3,PS4)
Even though Im starting to think thats what they trying to tempt us to do.
Sorry, EA. You made me salivate over the PC Battlefield 3 trailers.. and I got the PS3 version..
So NOW.. I wait for PS4 BF4
thedon8982z  +   973d ago
Yeah man, me too I luv my PS3 but I know when it is time to move on. I am already making arrangment to camp out for my preorder(for PS4) and BF4 on PS4 will be purchased as soon as it is available. I am just worried that the fucking next shitbox memory configuration will hold back Ps4 version, as well as future games because of them using such a dumbass setup for memory.I strongly believe that with PS4 they can achieve 1080p@60FPS but will keep it at 720@60fps due to the next shitbox.I am just hoping that PS4 becomes soo dominate that they stop giving a shit about microsoft demands and PS4 BECOMES the go to system thus porting to next shitbox after the fact.
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sharkraiden0  +   973d ago
For next-gen consoles 1080p and 30fps is totally fine.
I remember the good old days PS1,PS2 era where nobody cared about how many FPS he can reach people played the game because the game was good.Today gaming indutry is a shit all about FPS and graphics.
#12 (Edited 973d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TemplarDante  +   973d ago
No, Sharkraiden.
720P @ 60FPS is better.
MOST people will notice the framerate in an epic Battlefield map than the difference between 720P and 1080P

Its SO annoying seeing how fast the awesome jet battles fly out in the air in a map like Caspian Border on pc BF3 at 60FPS than how it looks on console.
It looks odd at 30FPS, like flying fishes. crazy.

60FPS for Battlefield over 1080P

It really depends on the game, and BF4 needs 60FPS.
sharkraiden0  +   973d ago
For you
For me 1080p and 30fps would be better.
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DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   973d ago
LOL at disagrees at "PS4 60fps" comments
MrCrimson  +   973d ago
60fps IS A CORE FEATURE of GOOD First person shooters.
fsfsxii  +   973d ago
BF3.5 with new maps and at a 60FPS
Omeganex9999  +   973d ago
I'd be ok with 40 fps... if I really cared about Battlefield 4.
nitrogav  +   973d ago
Still don't understand the secrecy of confirmation of a PS4 version ?

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