Halo 4's Forge Island available early, free for all players

The highly customizable Halo 4 location known simply as Forge Island has unexpectedly released today for all players to enjoy.

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IQUITN4G1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

So is this actually free then? or another case of Spartan ops

m231878d ago

I don't get it. If you're referring to having to be a gold member I don't see why you would event want this if you didn't have Gold.

SJPFTW1878d ago

you can access the store without GOLD and get any game add-ons you want. been that way since the beginning

3-4-51878d ago

I don't think they have a choice if they are smart.

Next gen is approaching and it won't just be BF & COD they are competing against.

Halo 5 needs to be amazing or the series will slowly die....

My interest in Halo took a dive this year and I never bothered to grab 4 even though I had it pre-ordered prior to release.

It looks good for this gen, but always feels like I'm playing a lesser version of halo 2.

clintagious6501878d ago

I actually liked halo 4 better then reach & odst. Halo 4 just felt more of a complete package. U should atleast try it out. U might like this one.

Shadonic1878d ago

NO hes right it needs to be way better its not the king it was from 1-3 it has to climb back up to the top again.

ZigZagLagger1878d ago

I like the campaign ALOT more than reach, but halo 4's multiplayer is broken as all hell and not true to the halo formula (no load-outs, focus on map control.)

clintagious6501878d ago

See I cant really say much bout the multiplayer since i havent renewed my xbl account but i loved the campaign & that is what i was talking about when i said whole package. Campaighn didnt feel gimped at all and was great for a title not created by bungie.

Shadonic1878d ago

Really 343 basically improved on everything from reach MM missing some things like the death X and small stuff and then added in a bunch of unneeded things to grab in more players who know nothing about Halo. If the game didnt have sprint and Loadouts and Personal Ordinance were jsut for delivaring AA's i can guarantee a lot of the issues people have with a lot of the issues MM wise. The Halo feel is there its just heavily blocked out by all these unneeded things.

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AnyaShroud1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Halo 4 already sold 8 million copies, the series is as popular as ever, it's not in decline, or slowly dying

ZigZagLagger1878d ago

As a hardcore halo fan, I'm still upset. The largest island is only as big as Ragnarok. :(

Knight_Crawler1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Patients my young patawan - you can only squeeze so much from a 7 year old console without having to limit some stuff.

Halo 5 on the 720 should be a marvel since MS will give Halo 5 the biggest gaming budget in history to compliment the 720 new technology.

Dms20121878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

*Patience. Although I did agree with you,and bubbled you.

FragMnTagM1878d ago

This is the kind of comments that should be on here more frequently. Bubbles to you two as well as the two below for having civil discourse.

biRdy1878d ago

thats just the big island itself, you can also forge quite a long way off the island.

ZigZagLagger1878d ago

true, but i like building natural looking maps rather than floating forerunner blocks over an ocean.

TXIDarkAvenger1878d ago

Holy shit finally! But all my friends stopped playing this game...Better late than never I guess.

aviator1891878d ago

Wow, 2 weeks early?

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